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Lipstick On The Rim: A Model’s Guide to Beauty Secrets, Skincare Hacks, & Tips for Insane Confidence with the Self-Love Queens of Model Citizen


Activate Lipstick On The Rim: GNO Edition. Sisters, models, & body confidence activists, Hunter & Michaela McGrady, join us this week for the ULTIMATE girls chat. Hunter & Michaela are sharing their journey in the modeling industry and exactly what they’re doing to challenge the industry’s beauty standards. We bond over our love of beauty and discuss the balance of being beauty-obsessed without setting unrealistic expectations. Hunter shares her simplified skincare routine while Michaela spills the details on her gorgeous red hair. Get ready to learn their modeling beauty hacks, makeup secrets, & the treatments you need from your Dermatologist. Slip into your chicest silk pj’s, grab your alcoholic beverage of choice, and enjoy.

Listen to the full episode here:

[Hunter & Michaela] On Pressures in Modeling

Hunter & Michaela get real about the pressures they’ve faced in modeling. Michaela shares, “I was never straight-sized and never felt like I had a place in modeling.” Hunter started her modeling career at age 19 as a straight-sized model. She switched to plus-sized modeling because she could not maintain the 00 standards set by her agency. In 2017, she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. They are here, “to push up again the industry.”

“We’re not going to let you tell us what beauty is, we’re going to tell you.”

[Hunter & Michaela] On Model Citizen

They share their most recent venture: Model Citizen a podcast dedicated to real life. They chat about, “life as curvy women, dating, becoming more confident in my body, and anything raw and unfiltered.” Molly asks if they have haters, Michaela responds, “you get backlash anytime you’re a disruptor, but there’s nothing you can say to stop this storm from coming. Nothing you can say to me will dull this shine.”

[Hunter & Michaela] On Balancing Beauty

Emese asks the girls, how do they find the balance of being beauty obsessed, but not setting unrealistic expectations for themselves. Hunter answers, “body positivity, wearing makeup, and taking care of yourself is my self-care.” They describe how you can love beauty and still be body-positive. “We love beauty. We’re beauty junkies,” says Michaela. “Our makeup time is our meditation,” explains Huter. All 4 girls then bond over their LOVE for beauty.

“Sephora is my Ashram. I pray at the altar of beauty” – Emese

[Hunter & Michaela] On Brow Care

Michaela shares the hack she learned from Katie Hughes on Instagram, for putting eyeliner on hooded eyelids. Molly asks them about their go-to eyebrow pencils and they share the eyebrow pencils below. They mention that the Master Blade Brow Pencil by Makeup By Mario is a recently launched product and might give the Anastasia holy grail Brow Wiz a run for its money.

[Michaela] On Her Favorite Cleansers

Michaela gives us the low down on her favorite cleansers. She gives us two options, one on the $$$ side and another on the more affordable side.

[Michaela] On Her Go-To Makeup

Molly & Emese ask Michaela to dish on all her favorite makeup products. She mentions her favorite foundation and anything Fenty (but specifically their cream bronzer). She also shares a great liquid eyeliner that is, “a great bang for your buck,” and the mascara she recently discovered and is obsessing over.

[Hunter] On Her Must-Have Skincare

“I’m an Olay girl, through and through,” explains Huner. She loves to keep it simple and neutral. “I simplified my routine and it fixed my acne.” She shares her favorite moisturizer below:

[Hunter & Michaela] On Their Makeup Essentials

Hunter shares her love for the Kjaer Weis Foundation, while Michaela shares her favorite FULL coverage foundation from Kat VonD that she actually uses to cover her tattoos (it’s that full coverage). They both share their love for the Laura Mercier Setting Powder and their newfound clean beauty love, Saie Beauty. Scroll down for the Saie beauty bronzer that is said to be comparable to the Chanel bronzer. Clean beauty dupe alert!

[Michaela] On Haircare

“My life is haircare. When you have red hair, it’s like a part-time job,” explains Michaela. She shares her love for dae shampoo and conditioner and says the Briogeo hair mask is a game changer. Michaela swears by color-saving leave-in sprays and says to wash your hair with icy cold water.

[Hunter & Michaela] On Botox, Plastic Surgery & Peels/Lasers

Molly and Emese ask the girls what their take on botox and plastic surgery is. “It’s your body. Do what you want to do,” the sisters explain. Hunter mentions how “botox helped my TMJ”. Michaela shares, “if you want real results, lasers and needles are the way to go.” She mentions that she loves Fraxel and a good Hydrafacial.

“We’re done shaming women and we’re going to let them do what they want to do.”

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