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4 Fresh Takes On Styling Your Favorite Sweaters

By Caitlin Burnett

Itโ€™s hard to resist the urge to go on a shopping spree at the start of each new seasonโ€”an onslaught of new trends and styles at all your favorite retailers can make your existing wardrobe suddenly feel stale. And while we enjoy adding new pieces to our closet, sometimes all you need are some new styling ideas and outfit combinations for a wardrobe that feels fresh and exciting again. Seeking out new ways of wearing your favorite pieces will not only save you money but will also allow you to get even more wear out of the most beloved items in your closet.ย 

With fall in full swing, chances are youโ€™ve been digging into your sweater collection and could use some fresh takes on styling them. Your favorite crewnecks, cardigans, cable knits, and turtlenecks will feel instantly current and modern with a few simple styling ideas. Weโ€™ve done the scrolling for you and put together a few new sweater styling ideas worth trying this fall. Not only are these ultra-chic, but theyโ€™re also easy to recreate using your own piecesโ€”weโ€™ve even highlighted the best type of sweater for each trick.

Keep reading for 4 fresh takes on styling your favorite sweaters and allow us to do the outfit planning for you.ย 


Tied around your shoulders

Turn your favorite chunky, textured sweater into an accessory by throwing it over your shoulders with a chic tie around the front. This 2-second styling trick provides rich texture to your outfit, plus a touch of polish. It also allows you another opportunity to use that thick-weave knit number in your closet. Tie your sweater over your blazer, t-shirt, button-down, or even another sweater for a look thatโ€™s both timeless and on-trend.ย 

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Over a collared shirt

Grab your favorite crew or V-neck sweater, layer it on top of an oversize button, and your fall look is set. Academia-inspired outfits are a major fall โ€˜21 trend and this one is both easy to create and ultra-chic. You can utilize this same styling trick with many different combinations of your sweaters and button-downs, from a striped button-down with a neutral sweater pairing to a white button-down and vibrant knit for an unexpected pop of color. Crew and V-necklines work best for folding the collar over but you can get creative with this styling trick and incorporate almost knit style.ย 

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Pair with a matching knit piece

Knit sets are one of 2021โ€™s biggest trends, so go ahead and pair your favorite sweater with another knit piece within the same color family. From pants to skirts to crop tops, a matching knit outfit looks modern and feels cozy. This is one outfit combination that once you try, youโ€™ll want to repeat all season.ย 

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Peeking out from under a blazer

Layer your go-to turtleneck sweater under a blazer for another academia-inspired look thatโ€™s right on the mark this season. The key to this styling trick is to roll up the sleeves of the blazer a bit so that the knit texture peeks out of both the neckline and around the wrists. The best part of this styling idea is that turtleneck sweaters of all styles, silhouettes, and colors look great under a blazer, so feel free to use this one on repeat.ย 

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