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The 6 Wardrobe Staples We Guarantee You’ll Be Obsessed With

By Caitlin Burnett

There are certain items we all consider tried-and-true basics: the perfect white t-shirt, a denim jacket, skinny jeans, black trousers, etc. But after being on heavy rotation in the fashion world over the last few years, there are a few new fall items we can now move into the basics category. These items may have once been considered “trendy” but have proven themselves to be much more than a fleeting fad and are now considered wardrobe staples. 

Think of basics like the building blocks of your wardrobe—these are the starting points you structure the rest of your outfit around.

They’re the fundamental items that anchor your outfit, versatile enough to create countless outfit combinations around them without stealing the show. This new class of fall basics offers all the functionality that the original ones do, but feels a bit more current. They add just enough direction to your outfit to feel modern while still acting as a base to construct the rest of your outfit around.

From the cool denim silhouette to take your looks up a notch to the outerwear style that offers endless outfit possibilities, below are the 6 new fall basics to update your wardrobe with. 


Oversized Blazer

A clean black blazer was always considered a wardrobe staple, but that title has expanded to include blazers of all colors and textures, with oversized silhouettes dominating the category. Throw on your favorite oversized blazer over sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, you name it, and your look instantly feels polished and complete. An oversized blazer will quickly become one of the most worn items in your wardrobe, making it a worthwhile piece to add to your fall wardrobe.

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Neutral Colored Chunky Sweater

What a white t-shirt is to summer, a neutral-colored sweater is to fall. Whether paired with jeans, trousers, a skirt, or leather, a chunky sweater is the perfect partner for any bottoms. The thick weave knit adds a nice pop of texture and richness, while the neutral color feels elevated yet goes with everything. Add one to your fall outfit rotation and say goodbye to that “nothing to wear” feeling. 

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Loose Jeans

While skinny and straight-leg jeans are still considered basics, loose jeans can officially be crowned the new staple denim style. They can be worn with everything just like your other jeans, but offer a cool alternative that feels a bit more directional. The less structured silhouette provides a relaxed vibe, perfect for pairing with everything from a sweatshirt to a blazer. They can also be worn with virtually every shoe style—cool sneakers for a casual look, heels for date night, and boots for everything else. 

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Chunky Boots

Thick, rubber-soled boots have been trending for so many seasons now that they’ve reached staple status. The chunky style adds a cool edge to your look and feels much more modern than a classic chelsea boot. They look equally chic with mini skirts and leather jackets as they do with loose jeans and a sweater, so prepare to wear these on repeat. 

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Oversized Button-Down

The classic button-down shirt has gotten a modern update recently, with voluminous fits taking over. This updated twist on a classic piece is the easiest way to add a current feeling to any outfit—just throw your oversized button-down over t-shirts, dresses, and fitted sweaters to feel instantly contemporary. Or layer a sweater over the loose button-down for a cool academia vibe. 

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Trench Coat

There’s nothing more timeless than a polished trench coat, and by now it’s graduated from outerwear to wardrobe basic. Consider building your next fall outfit around your outerwear—knowing you’ll need a coat, start with your classic trench and create the rest of your outfit from there. The long, sleek silhouette pairs well with virtually anything underneath it, making the outfit possibilities endless and solidifying the trench into the basics category.  


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