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If You Hate Working Out Then You’ll Love This 4-Step Routine

By Megan Roup

I’m a big fan of “quickie workouts”. Quickie workouts are the perfect way to ease into a regular workout routine (we’re talking 20, 10, or even 5 minutes). They’re also the perfect start to your morning routine or for those days when you’re not feeling motivated enough to do a full 45-minute or hourlong workout.

Continue below for your new favorite quickie workout that is not only easy but highly effective. After, make sure to read on and see why you need to add these workouts to your routine.


Close – Lift Hydrant x 24 reps

Position body in tabletop and place left forearm parallel to the ground, as you lift your right leg into hydrant, plug weight into the opposite arm and initiate lift from your core.



Hydrant – Extend Straight Back x 24 reps

As you extend your leg back, engage your glute and feel your oblique as you bring your knee into your shoulder. Imagine a box next to you that your knee has to go over each time you pull into the hydrant.



Tap Back – Lift Straight Back x 24 reps

With a straight leg, kick leg to the ceiling, and then tap toes on the floor. Keeping a neutral spine and strong core, engage your glute on the way up.


Knee Pull – Lift Parallel 90 Degrees back x 24 reps

The focus here is your core and the spot where your hamstring meets your glute. Think of the knee pull into your chest as a mini core exercise, and engage your glute as you lift to 90 degrees directly behind you.



Pulse at Hip Height in Parallel 90 Degrees Back x 24 rep

Try and keep the leg at hip height, lifting up and down an inch, re-engaging the glute each time you lift. Your core is engaged and there is no arch in your back (keep a neutral spine).


Why Should You Incorporate “Quickie Workouts”

Reason #1

They’re a low commitment. It can be much easier to convince yourself to start a workout knowing it’s just 5 or 10 minutes. Then, nine times out of ten, you’ll feel so good afterward, you’ll end up doing another quickie workout.

Reason #2

You can pack so much in a short amount of time. If programmed well, quickie workouts utilize your time way more efficiently. Oftentimes, it will make the idea of working out five to six days a week easier.

Reason #3

It promotes consistency. The effects on your physical and mental health with 5, 10, or even 15 minutes of movement a day far outweigh one or two long workout sessions a week. I would rather my clients be consistent with shorter workouts than only commit to a longer workout a couple of times a week.

Reason #4

They fit easily into your schedule. Quickies make it so much easier for anyone who struggles to squeeze movement into their busy schedule. I get so many moms who message me and tell me that the quickies are perfect during nap time. Or women who work full time say they love to squeeze in a quickie during their Zoom calls or lunch breaks.


Megan Roup is a fitness guru and founder of the coveted workout program The Sculpt Society. Trainer to celebrities such as Victoria Secret models to mega-influencer, Arielle Charnas, she has made a notable dent in the fitness world. She strives in creating simple, fun, at-home workouts for full body engagement. To learn more about the TSS method, head to

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