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4 Ways To Get The Benefits of Exercise Without Working Out


What if stepping inside of a machine, or going into a spa for a treatment, could make you trimmed and toned after a few visits? It sounds like a futuristic story — but, in reality: it’s happening now. Sure, there’s nothing quite like running a marathon or nailing well-rehearsed dance choreography, but, if you’re injured or just don’t feel like hitting the gym (or studio), there are other ways to reap some of the benefits that exercise typically provides.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re strong proponents of fitness classes and solo workouts, too, which is why we love that these methods can complement regimens. (That way, you don’t have to give up your routine or favorite trainers!)

Here’s where to go when you’re opting out of a gym day:


Hit An Infrared Sauna

There are several benefits to breaking a sweat in a sauna. Similar to a light cardio workout, one perk is increased circulation, says Kim McAuliffe, a trainer at Gotham Gym in New York City.

“Fat cells are also penetrated, which helps detox and speed up the metabolism,” she says.

Noting that she personally feels lighter physically and mentally after sauna use. “Speeding of the metabolism helps with weight loss and lowered blood pressure — all of which are similar effects from working out.” 


Try Defy Radio Frequency

If you drop 8 or 9 lbs., you’ll see a noticeable difference in your face. Of course, weight loss can be tied to exercise — but having a more contoured face doesn’t require working out (or yoga pants), just a treatment instead. Furthermore, like weight loss, Defy Radio Frequency isn’t limited to the face. It can be applied to other body parts as well. “In the treatment, a licensed esthetician uses a specially designed Diamond Polar wand to deliver Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Pulsed Field waves into the skin to tighten skin, target fat deposits, and activate muscles for deeper results,” says Devon Lodge, Executive Director of Spa Sales & Marketing at Naturopathica. He says visible results last about 3 weeks. Note: like exercise, you’ll have to go back to maintain your desired look.


Cool Off With Cryoskin 2.0 Slimming

While workout classes usually range from 30 min. to 1 hour, Cyroskin 2.0 is a mere 20-28 min. treatment that naturally destroys fat cells. While winter sports can be ‘cool’, this three-phase thermal shock can target the stomach, thighs, arms or back, for slimming, and toning thighs, butt and more, without hitting the slopes for hours. (But, yes, you can still dress up like a snow bunny and take pictures on a mountain for the ‘gram if you so choose!)


Book A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you can’t sweat or freeze it off, squeeze it out. Lymphatic drainage activates the lymphatic system to flush out water weight and waste — kind of like, you guessed it, exercise. Although 30 min. in the hands of an expert masseuse can do the trick, some of these treatments can be longer. While appointments can get costly (depending on where you go), if you watch a few YouTube videos, you can learn the techniques and complete them at home.

Don’t give up your running shoes *just* yet — but maybe set aside some time to try these 4 treatments, to get the benefits of exercise without working out.

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