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How 4 Fitness Trainers Prep Their Bodies Before The Beach

By Hilary Sheinbaum

One minute you’re binge-watching bad T.V. and eating from a family-sized bag of popcorn from the comfort of your couch, and the next: your group text is blowing up with excitement for a beautiful beach day. This isn’t a metaphor — it’s actually go-time. Rather than letting your current relaxed state get the best of you: rise from your plushy setup and get ready for an afternoon of sun, sand, and water. No time for the gym? No problem.

Throw on a bikini, grab a towel — don’t forget sunscreen — and read through these 5 quick and easy ways that fitness trainers get beach ready (because even the fitness pros, washboard abs and all, prepare for their days spent in swimsuits).



“Get your tan on,” says Cassidy Thompson-Walsh, a fitness trainer and nutritionist at Cass Class Fitness in San Francisco. “My favorite self-tanner is Loving Tan 2 HR Express. The color is flawless and natural. Don’t forget to buy a tanning glove to apply the tanning solution and make sure you apply at least 2 hours before getting wet.”


Plan To Snack

Prepare your bag with the right snacks and beverages,” says Tori Simeone, a Tone It Up trainer.I love to pack a ton of fruit and veggies in a cooler bag, or some protein-filled goodies to keep me full — like the snickerdoodle TIU protein cookie. I usually choose salsa or guacamole to pair with my veggies rather than hummus to use as a dip, since hummus can sometimes cause bloating!”


Bring a Fashionable Cover Up

“Try wearing a sarong that matches the print of your swimsuit for the most flattering beach body options,” says Darcy Krinsky, founder of Higher Ground Fitness in Milton and Mansfield, Mass. “For the days you want to show off your much earned mid-section, this stylish look highlights your obliques when tied low to one side.  Alternatively, knot two ends across and over your chest for a more reserved look that will flatter your shoulder and neckline while your swimsuit peeks through.”


Drink Water

“We all know water should be a daily priority, especially when spending time in the sun and being active, but I also make it a priority because water aids in healthy digestion,” says Nicolette Amarillas, a Tonal coach and postural specialist in San Francisco. “Water will help you feel more energized and minimize bloating. Try drinking half your body weight in ounces daily.”




Eat Light Beforehand

“I feel my absolute best when I fuel my body with nutrients that keep me feeling energized,” says Amarillas. “On a beach day when I know I will be in the sun, swimming or being active, and in a bikini, I like to fuel with a light, fruit-forward meal. I usually keep the high carb, heavier foods out of the mix and only fuel my body with non-inflammatory foods. Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are my go-to, and sometimes I’ll mix in some no-sugar added coconut yogurt like CocoJune.”

With these hot tips, you’ll be swimsuit-ready in no time. Now, get out there and enjoy the sunny season!

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