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The 5 Sunglasses That Every Woman Should Own. Period.

By Caitlin Burnett

Accessories are one of those fashion categories 100% worth investing in. They’re worn much more frequently than clothing items, so when you think about the cost-per-wear of things like shoes and bags you definitely get a good return on your investment. Sunglasses are definitely one of those categories—think about how often you wear your sunglasses. It’s probably everyday, making the cost-per-wear extremely low and in turn a worthwhile purchase.

To get even more strategic with how you’re investing your money, there are certain sunglasses styles that are utterly timeless—meaning they will never go out of style and remain on permanent rotation in your wardrobe. We’re outlining those styles here today. Each one is classic, chic, and deserves a place in your closet to create different vibes depending on what you’re wearing each day. These are foolproof investments that your future self will thank you for buying.

Keep reading for the 5 sunglasses that every woman should own.  



A cateye frame is equal parts sophisticated and elegant, with just a hint of sass. The slight curve upward towards the end of the eyebrow flatters the face, pulling your eye up and creating a lifted effect. These frames pair well with virtually everything but look especially chic with a polished outfit—think an oversize blazer look or tweed fabric. 

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Round sunnies provide an instant retro vibe, perfect to pair with everything from bikinis to leather jackets. The circular shape makes them both flattering and versatile, with a slight air of ‘70s nostalgia. They can be dressed up or down with ease making them a smart eyewear investment. 

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It doesn’t get more classically cool than a wayfarer frame. Ray-Ban pioneered and popularized this shape, with other brands coming out with their own iterations and solidifying the wayfarer as the ultimate in edge. Wayfarers pair perfectly with leather and denim, but are equally chic juxtaposed with something more feminine like a summer dress.  

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Speaking of cool, aviators are another frame that just oozes effortless sophistication. The shape is flattering on virtually every face shape and will instantly add edge to your outfit. Classic black aviators are always a good idea, but accents of gold or unexpected colors are also chic. 

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Fun Texture/Color

Last but not least, no sunglasses collection is complete without a pop of fun. An interesting texture like tortoise or an unexpected colored frame is the perfect way to add a lighthearted twist to your look. These are the sunnies you’ll turn to when you want to liven up your outfit, pair with a bikini, or bring along on vacation.  

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