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The Summer Jewelry Trends We’re Bringing With Us Into The Fall Season

By Caitlin Burnett

Each summer we’re introduced to a slew of new jewelry trends and this season was no different. Don’t retire your pearl drop earrings or seashell necklace just yet, because these jewelry trends are here to stay for the early fall months. 

Not only are all four of these jewel categories super wearable, but they all mix classic elements with current style hits, giving them serious staying power over the next few seasons. From unexpected pearl pieces to chunky chains to shell-adorned styles, below are the four biggest jewelry trends defining summer ’21. 




Pearl-adorned pieces have been gaining steam for the past few seasons and are fully peaking in summer 2021. Round, baroque, and uncut pearls of all sizes have taken over every jewelry category—from earrings to anklets. The texture and color of the pearl accents provide a beachy vibe to your look, so it only makes sense they’ve become a summer staple. The pieces featuring pearls of many shapes and sizes are particularly special and are guaranteed to be one you’ll come back to for years. 





Chunky chains have almost graduated from trend to accessory staple, appearing on virtually every fashion girl across the globe recently. This summer’s iteration of the trend features chains of multiple sized links or mixing metals within one piece. A chunky chain adds an element of sophistication to any look, and for fall it’s ultra-chic with a knit sweater dress or oversize button down with boots. 




(image here)

Shells are synonymous with summer, but this season’s shell jewelry trend feels both retro and modern at the same time. Fashion girls are layering their favorite gold and silver jewelry with shell-adorned pieces for an elevated feeling. Or skip the layering and go for a piece that does the work for you, combining gold, silver, or colorful accents with shells for a chic look.



Long Lengths


Long necklaces are by no means new, but their popularity ebbs and flows each season. Well we can officially call summer ‘21 their comeback season because long necklaces seem to be layered on everyone right now. Pairing a long necklace with a few others of various lengths is especially trendy at the moment, so go ahead and pile on all of your favorite pieces at once. Adorned with bold ornamental pieces, pearls, or initial letters, long chains make even a plain t-shirt look instantly elevated.   


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