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5 Designer Bags That Need A Space In Your Wardrobe ASAP

By Caitlin Burnett

With so many new designer bags popping up this year, it’s hard to decipher which are the true standouts. You can tell an It bag has real staying power when it seamlessly mixes classic features with more modern details. These bags wield major influence over the rest of the fashion world, creating silhouette trends that trickle down to more contemporary designers and high-street retailers. So even if you’re not in the market for a designer bag, you can usually find a more affordable option in a similar style.

This year there are 5 such bags that will dominate summer 2021 and have already been spotted on the arms of celebrities and fashion influencers alike. Their popularity is sure to last well beyond the summer, so they’re worth taking note of. Whether you’re looking to invest in one or just want to keep a pulse on what shapes, textures, and brands are trending, below are 5 summer It bags you’re about to see everywhere.

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Bottega Veneta Double Knot Bag


Bottega Veneta has been the It-brand for the past few seasons, thanks to the installment of Daniel Lee at the creative helm, so it’s no surprise there’s a Bottega bag on this list. The Italian brand’s Double Knot Bag features supple leather and their signature knot detail, plus it’s offered in a range of summer-ready colors.

Bottega has been the fashion house setting many of the coolest trends as of late, so they’re right on schedule with this slouchy teardrop shape just as the silhouette is gaining steam. They’re also doubling down on the high saturation color trend, offering the Double Knot Bag in hues like neon yellow and bright lavender. 


Loewe Basket Bag


It doesn’t get more quintessentially summer than a straw bag, and the Loewe Basket Bag has reigned supreme for years now. Launched in 2018 by Spanish luxury brand Loewe, it has quickly become the fashion world’s favorite summer bag. Its popularity shows zero signs of slowing down—just try to open your Instagram without spotting it. Featuring adjustable leather straps and Loewe’s gorgeous logo, it’s the perfect carryall size for wherever your day may take you


Saint Laurent Solferino Bag


Saint Laurent is famous for structured bags adorned with their signature YSL hardware, and the Solferino Bag just nails it. Launched in Fall 2020, the sleek square shape features an adjustable strap, clean lines, and minimal detailing, perfect for those who prefer to keep their bags classic. Though this is a bag that can be carried year-round, it’s been popping up on the arms of fashion girls everywhere this summer thanks to its compact, fuss-free nature


Balenciaga Hourglass Leather Tote


If you’re looking for the ultimate cool-girl bag, look no further than the Balenciaga Hourglass. Since its launch at the end of 2019, it’s been spotted on celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Chrissy Teigen, plus almost every major influencer you can think of. The unique curved shape makes it feel ultra-modern, and the range of fun color options makes it perfect for summer. The mini size is great for going out, but the small size is better for more of an everyday bag.

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Prada Cleo Bag


Though Prada’s Cleo Bag is still relatively new (it was launched in late 2020), it’s already soured to It-status. The curved lines, brushed leather, and enamel Prada logo feels both ‘90s and modern at the same time—which is part of its allure. While the white and black versions are timeless, the colorful mint and blue versions just scream summer.


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