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Lipstick on the Rim: The 411 on Hormones, Boosting Metabolism & The Way to Drink and Still Lose Weight with Endocrinologist, Dr. Jordan Geller


For this week’s episode of Lipstick on the Rim, we’re here with Molly’s Endocrinologist, Dr. Jordan Geller. He is the man that helped Molly get to the root of her problems post-pregnancy (when no one else believed her). We get real about the dangers of plastic, the best alcohol for weight loss and the how-to on balancing your hormones. Get ready for discussions on adaptogens, tricks for boosting your metabolism and what a doctor really eats in a day. 

[Molly & Dr. Geller] What is an Endocrinologist?

Molly: What is an endocrinologist and why do we need one? Dr. Geller: An endocrinologist deals with hormones.

Hormones are these chemical messengers in our body that travel around in our blood and they sort of work like a key in a lock.

“Hormones travel around to a receptor and they turn on and do something, whether it’s blood sugar or hormones that affect metabolism or fertility or energy, every hormone is designed to add to the quality of our life. They give us strength, vitality, libido, energy, but they also help mediate the inside world and the outside world to try to create some harmony.”

[Emese & Dr. Geller] On The Dangers of Plastic

Emese expresses her concern to Dr. Geller with plastic and added hormones in the products her kids are consuming. “What are you seeing as the standard of ages of when kids are getting their periods? Because I think that kids are getting their periods a lot younger now, and I find that scary,” says Emese. Dr. Geller describes that there are chemicals in the environment that are endocrine disrupters, a familiar one is BPA in plastic items. “We think that kid’s exposure to all these chemicals is what is causing premature puberty in girls and the opposite is happening in boys. We’re seeing a lot of young men who have low testosterone and sperm counts have dropped around 50% over the past few decades.”

Dr. Geller explains, “you have to assume all plastic is bad. Big studies have shown that almost a hundred percent of us have detectable BPA in our bodies, and we all have plastic in our feces. We ingest about a credit card’s worth of plastic a week. Even just in the air or in what we food it’s in the food we eat, it’s in fish, it’s in, you know, every type of food we eat. It’s in water bottles. Of course, it’s in the water supply. It sheds from yoga wear and even like microparticles a plastic.”

[Dr. Geller] On Boosting your Metabolism

“What I always tell my patients is, genetics puts the bullet in the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger. We don’t have to be victimized by our genetics,” Dr. Geller explains speaking on metabolism. “But you also have to remember,

how somebody looks and what their weight is on a scale is not always the right metric of their health.

He also shares his #1 tip to boost your metabolism, “Exercise. It doesn’t just burn off calories, but it literally raises your resting metabolic rate.”

[Dr. Geller] On Skin Manifestations & What That Means

Dr. Geller explains, “our skin is the biggest organ in the body. So the way I look at it is when you have a skin problem, whether it’s acne and melasma or whatever it is,  it’s a manifestation of something going on inside.”

[Dr. Geller]  On The Importance of Clean Beauty Products

“I think the important thing to remember is that the skin is a fatty substance. It absorbs chemicals really well. Endocrine disruptors are what are called fat-soluble chemicals. They get through the skin barrier and store in our body. Even small concentrations can store there for years. Especially with little kids and babies, they have so much more body fat and skin relative to their size.”

[Dr. Geller] On Adrenal Fatigue & Cortisol Levels

“You know, it’s our fight or flight hormones”, Dr. Geller says speaking on cortisol levels. “If we’re being chased by a wild animal, in some grave, imminent danger our cortisol goes up, our blood sugar goes up, we get more alert, our heart rate, everything, to get us out of a dangerous situation. But what’s happened is, you know, it’s 2021. We’re living in a pandemic and everybody’s cortisol is high all the time. There’s this concept called adrenal fatigue. It’s not a Western accepted diagnosis, but it’s something that makes a lot of sense and I’m sure it exists on some level. Your adrenal glands are like a washcloth just being wrung out. And there’s just nothing left when people get depleted.”

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