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Lipstick On The Rim: The Mommy Makeover with Dr. Rady


In this week’s episode of Lipstick on the Rim, Molly Sims and her best friend, Emese Gormley, chat with Molly’s go-to plastic surgeon and mommy makeover expert, Dr. Rady Rahban, where he answers all of our burning questions about all things plastic surgery. He dives into the importance of doing pre-procedure homework (and what that really means), his thoughts on liposuction and the real reason why people are still getting botched.

[Dr. Rady]  On pre-procedure “homework”

Dr. Rady bluntly explains, “looking at Instagram photos is not homework. That’s not homework. That’s like dreaming.” When Dr. Rady works with his clients he tries to make the research process, “more academic.” He explains, “everyone hates that concept. Like, Oh, it’s so boring. Can I just look at some photos?” He also stresses the importance of diet and exercise to reach desired results. He says that plastic surgery, “isn’t magic, and there is still work needed to be done by the patient.”

[Dr. Rady] Instagram vs. Reality

“You’re flipping through photos of people, celebrities, and you’re looking at images and you’re like, wow! How’s that possible? She just gave birth to like triplets. First of all, she doesn’t look like that. That’s number one. Let’s start out with that. They’re all photoshopped.”

Dr. Rady’s Mommy Makeover

“I made this site called  It’s got a manual, it’s got a quiz, it’s got everything. So if you knew nothing and you came out from under a rock, and you thought, God I want to do surgery. What do I need to know? On that site is this plastic surgery manual, and it’s all the information you need to know so that you can download it and take it with you to doctor X in Chicago.

[Dr. Rady] On Liposuction

Molly & Emese ask Dr. Rady his perspective on liposuction. Dr. Rady: “Let’s just describe what it is. You take a long straw, and stick it inside the body and remove little goblets of fat. No more elegant than that. We’re literally removing little cubes of fat, ripping them out with a straw. What it requires are the following things. It requires the skin that’s left to snap back and become super tight and fixed all over the area that you just worked on.”

[Molly & Dr. Rady] Thoughts on plastic surgery

Molly: “I do believe if there is something bothering you. If there is some part of you that feels less confident or sexy. If there is something that makes you feel bad about yourself and it has always bothered you. I am a proponent.”

Dr. Rady: “If a kid has a cleft lip and palate, we fix it. This is the same. It’s no different. If you burn your arm, or if you’re born with some really ginormous nose that causes you incredible insecurity. The scar on your arm is no different than the large nose because the effect of it is the same when you’re interacting with the world. You don’t feel on the outside the way you feel on the inside.”

[Dr. Rady] What to  look for when choosing a plastic surgeon

“You know, how many people have gotten liposuction by an OB-GYN? That’s a cosmetic surgeon”, says Dr. Rady. “So pay attention, plastic surgeon vs. cosmetic surgeon. Totally different. An OB-GYN and an orthopedist can go be a cosmetic surgeon. So there are orthopedists doing liposuction. There are ENTs doing breast augmentations.  It is the wild, wild west out there. So I tell people, plastic surgeon, board-certified, that’s it. Everything else is, is a knockoff.”

[Dr. Rady] The real reason behind botched surgeries

“Why is there more information and more botched surgeries, have you ever asked yourself that? Why is it that brain tumor operations have gotten better? We’ve gotten better transplants, but we’re doing more and more botched surgery. Because we’re pushing the envelope. People who aren’t trained are doing it, people are going in thinking it’s nothing and they’re doing less homework.”

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