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Lipstick on the Rim: Post-Pregnancy Beauty Hacks That You’d Never Expect with The Skinny Confidential


Joining us today is the queen of podcasting herself, Lauryn Evarts-Bosstick. In this episode, we dive into Lauryn’s favorite topic – cortisol and how it’s helped her on her post-pregnancy journey. We discuss sound healing for weight loss, mom guilt, and her new book, Get the F*ck Out of the Sun. And of course, Lauryn shares tiny hacks (that you’d never guess) that really do make a difference.

[Molly & Lauryn] On honesty & pregnancy weight gain

Molly & Lauryn share a love for honesty. “Molly you were the first person that came on our podcast and you were so brutally honest about (pregnancy) weight gain. And I was feeling so insecure because I gained so much weight. And you were the only one that was like, listen, you know, I gained 80 pounds”, says Lauryn. Molly chimes in and says, “you talk about body insecurity. You’re very honest. And quite honestly, Lauren, it’s really refreshing. There’s nothing that Emese and I cannot stand more than people being dishonest”

[Lauryn] On Inflammation & Lymphatic Drainage

Lauryn explains why she created her new product, the Hot Mess Ice Roller. “Basically, I had horrific jaw surgery where I was swollen for three years, and what I found during that experience is there’s all this stuff on the market that helps your skin and makeup to cover it, but there’s nothing that solves the issue of bloat.”

“I am here to fix puffy face and inflammation. And I just think that lymphatic drainage, it’s not a sexy word, but it needs to be talked about more. People are running puffy and we’re, buying all this skincare and it’s not addressing the puffy bloat.”

[Lauryn] Post-Pregnancy Tips

Lauryn broke it down into 3 tips of what has worked for her, “the flexible diet coach, taking alcohol consumption down and getting my hormones checked.” She also mentions how, “it’s honestly just time and being patient.”

[Molly] On Macros

Molly: “So when you’re counting your macros, you’re counting the grams of protein, carbs and fat that you’re consuming. So it’s that balance. If you have too much protein, then you have to count less on your carbs. If you have too many carbs, you have to count less on your protein or your fat.”

[Lauryn] On Cortisol Levels & Weight Gain

Lauryn spills the tea on her workout program. “I like very low resistant workouts because I find when my cortisol is spiked, I gained weight. The high frequency is just not for me. So the workouts that I do are very low intensity.”

[Emese] On Working Moms

“But what I will say as a working mom that I take great pride in is as a mom of three girls. I can see that my daughters already have such an incredible understanding and respect for the fact that I work. And my two year old looks at my desk and she points and goes, ‘mommy work’, and I think the fact that they see that and understand that women can work and have these great careers.”

[Lauryn] Get The F*ck Out of the Sun

“When it says, get the f*ck out of the sun it means don’t lay in the sun, like Magda from something about Mary tin thing and baby oil.” She goes on to mention how the sun, “is not your friend, and I have hundreds of people in the book that have confirmed this. Doctors, experts, celebrities and influencers.” Lauryn then describes her book, “I got to pick all of these people’s brains in a way that was unsponsored. You know, they just really told me their ride or die products and secrets and tips. And then if there are like 200 extra pages of like you’re at happy hour with me and all my secrets.”

Listen to the full episode below:

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