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The First 30 Minutes of My Day: Emma Grede


When you think of a powerhouse super-mama, you think of Emma Grede. CEO & Co-Founder of Good American, this mother of two is the epitome of the woman who truly does-it-all. An early-riser and fitness-obsessed, Grede loves to start her mornings productive and with intention– not to mention a pristine skincare routine.

5:00 AM

I’m a big morning person, and the perfect wake-up call for me is a good workout. I wake early so I have time to get my exercise in before the kids are up. I typically love a good cardio session, and most mornings I work out with Rob Thompson, my amazing trainer who specializes in functional training to help you increase lean muscle mass but also correct imbalances so you’re training at an optimal level. During my workouts, I love to wear Good American Active Essentials Ribbed leggings and bra.

6:00 AM

Once I finish up the session, I shower and use Bread Beauty Supply on my hair, which is a black-owned haircare brand that I invested in in 2020 and is amazing for curly and textured hair. I use the wash and mask product, and I use it on the kids too – they love the smell! Then I do my full skincare routine using Jan Marini products. My fav is C-ESTA Face Serum, and then I’m ready to get the kids up.


7:00 AM

By 7 AM, it’s time to get the household up and running. I love waking up my kids and seeing them first thing in the morning. We try to start the day with some quality family time, which is essentially us all eating, brushing our teeth, getting ready and doing our hair in my bathroom. I make myself a Kelly Leveque Fab Four smoothie every day with vegan protein.

After breakfast, it’s time to rush out the door to school and work.

8:30 AM

I try to do school drop off a couple times a week, but it typically depends on my schedule. I love to listen to podcasts during my commute, and right now I’m really enjoying The Daily from the New York Times in the morning and either Code Switch or Brene Brown on the way home.

Afterward, I head straight to the Good American HQ and prepare for the rest of my day which is packed back to back to back!

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