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The First 30 Minutes Of My Day: Amanda Kloots


There are those that snooze the alarm an extra 30 minutes in the morning and then, there are those who make their mornings the most productive possible. Enter: Amanda Klootsmulti-tasking momma who will not only find the time to get in her morning workout, but also makes sure to spend quality time with her cute-as-a-button son, Elvis. We asked this super momma and fitness guru what a typical morning looks like in her household and it’s more than we expected.


6:30 AM

Elvis wakes me up! We usually stay in bed for a little bit, or as long as he will let me. Then, I search for my positive quote of the day and post it to my Instagram. This has been a special morning regimen for me for over four years.  I truly believe in having a positive outlook and this daily quote helps me start the day off right. Plus, it makes me feel good sharing positivity through my social channels for my followers that may need a little pick-me-up that day.

7:00 AM

Some may like to linger in bed for a little while longer, but for me, I am up and moving! Let’s just say, mornings are quite busy in this house. I put music on right away and Elvis and I do our “musical mornings” tradition.  Once that is finished, the first thing I put in my body is an Emergen-C Super Orange packet with ice-cold water and Sambucus Elderberry gummies. I like to flood my body with immune support.

Then I’ll make myself a quick cup of coffee and Elvis his breakfast. We sit down together to do his flashcards which I call “going to school.”  After school, I quickly check emails and texts catching up on work from my two companies, Hooray For and AK! Fitness.

8:00 AM

Time to do my workout!  I grab my AK! Rope and jump for ten minutes, at least!  After that, I do toning moves from my Amanda Kloots Fitness APP for another ten to fifteen minutes.  I prefer to do my workout first thing in the morning to get my body and brain working.  While I workout I am also whitening my teeth because when you’re a working mama you have got to multi-task!! Who can relate?! I have been loving Luminex whitening stripes because they are easy to use, non-toxic, and whiten without sensitivity.


8:30 AM

It’s time for a shower after my workout and a quick skincare routine.  I have a quick process here, but I have been loving Mario Badescu products for cleansing my face and body.  I also have been loving Luzern Vitamin C serum and their oxygen hydrating lotion for my face out of the shower. Lastly, I throw on my favorite sweats by WSLY available at Bandier and head to CBS to get glam for The Talk!



Amanda Kloots is a former Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette, and now celebrity trainer. Her classes are a mix of dance and cross-training that will not only tone but leave you with a fun and inspirational workout. You can stream Amanda’s Dance Cardio Workout video or Rope Toning Workout on her website

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