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The 9 Lipstick Shades We’ll Be Wearing All Spring

By Melissa Epifano

Waking up from a winter makeup slump is easy when you have the right lipstick colors. And with spring just around the corner, you have every excuse to whip out the shades that have been hibernating since last year — or treat yourself to a new buy. Although masks are as essential as SPF these days — and keep any lipstick efforts hidden — your selfies, Zoom calls, virtual happy hours, and even your random Sunday afternoons still deserve a wash of color on your pout.

While there are a few colors typically associated with spring (coral, pink, peach) we’ve mixed your classic picks with deeper shades, neutral tones, and timeless reds to ensure your spring lippie arsenal feels well-rounded.

Below, are 9 lipstick shades we’ll be swatching all spring long, and probably all summer, too.


Cinnamon Mauve

This slightly more saturated hue feels elegant and elevated but is still light enough to shrug off the darker shades more often reserved for winter. It adds the perfect pop of color but is malleable enough to blend in as a near-neutral. Pair it with a fresh, dewy complexion and a few layers of mascara, or match it with a shade of blush for a super spring-ready look.

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Peachy Orange

Dreamy, creamy colors have a renaissance come springtime, and while they’re as expected as the florals that fill our closets, they’re always missed during the long winter stretch. This tangerine peach color is a stunning step back into these pretty pastels and is best with pared-down makeup and a similar blush shade.  

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Muted Red

Red is a perfect year-round lipstick color, and when you opt for a more dusty, demure shade it blends perfectly with the rest of your spring wardrobe and makeup choices. Whether you pick a bright brick or a more sepia-tinted version, pair it with ultra-long lashes for a breezy effortless look that comes with a pop of glamour.

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Glossy Nude

When in doubt, go nude—a lipstick decision that’s always acceptable in any situation. It highlights your lip shape and enhances your natural color. It’s also suitable for nearly any makeup look you could imagine. Bright, blue, and purple eyeshadow? Ideal. An equally-as-nude smoky eye? Perfecto. 

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Light Coral Pink

The epitome of a fresh-faced, ready-for-sunshine and picnics look is a coral pink lipstick. Even if days that are warm enough to permit spending time outside are far into the future, a pink like this is an immaculate pick-me-up to work into your routine. Not to mention it works wonders as your go-to tube to toss into your bag and lean on in dire situations, like an unexpected meet-up.

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Punchy Orange

Traditionalists will always reach for their classic red, but if you’re looking to modernize your red lip, one with an orange twist is an absolute must. It’s bold, vibrant, and has an edge over an apple or cherry-colored shade. It also means you can keep the rest of your face low-key (read: def hit the snooze button).

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Vivid Fuchsia

Makeup maximalists, or those of us who are just bored of the toned-down looks quarantine has ushered in, will find relief in bright neon pink, like this one. Groom your brows and add a micro-winged liner to pull everything together. This is also exactly what you need to pair with that floral dress you bought on a whim.

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Moody Plum

Spring doesn’t automatically warrant bright colors all the time. If you’re a fan of neutrals and deeper tones, plum is a perfect option to help you step away from winter browns and maroons and play with a bit more color that’s still sophisticated. Try it with a light layer of eyeshadow in a similar hue.

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Velvet Pink

If you can’t decide between a playful gloss or a dramatic matte shade, you can get the best of both worlds with a velvet finish. One of the best spring hues to rock with this kind of texture? A gossamer mauve-ish pink of course. A bold brow or smudgy liner are great contrasts to a gentle lip color like this.

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