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The Only Manicure Ideas Worth Trying Right Now

By Melissa Epifano

You’ve bought 100 sweatsuits, refilled your skincare arsenal — twice, and have tried your best to wear a fresh lip color for every Zoom meeting, now what are you going to rely on to get you through the rest of a gray and cold winter? A real good nail lacquer, that’s what. You’ll be surprised what the power of a good manicure can do, and we’re not just talking about a clear coat or the bottle of Ballet Slippers pink that’s been sitting in your cabinet forever. 

The following eight nail colors and designs are exactly what you need to celebrate the month of love, kickstart the beginning of the end of winter, and help you welcome in spring with open arms.


A Sophisticated Red


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A post shared by Harriet Westmoreland (@harrietwestmoreland)

Harriet Westmoreland is the queen of understated manis, and you can leave it to her to make a timeless color feel refreshed but not to the point of an overdone trend. While red is an untenable classic, this particular shade feels minimal, fresh, and perfect for even the weeks after Valentine’s Day. 

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A Geometric Twist


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A post shared by Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat)

Even though it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stick with deep, dark jewel tones or glitter-based polishes. This gorgeous modish mani done by Tahsiyn of Danielle Bernstein shows how easy it is to brighten your day and your nails with neutrals featuring a few poppy colors.

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An Understated Design


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A post shared by Harli G hand painted nail art (@nailsbyharlig)

Minimalism does not equal boring as proven by Harli G. This elegant double line design is a great way to make your mani pop without leaning on a bright color or busy pattern. Don’t sweat keeping the lines straight — the whole point is for them to feel slightly askew and artsy!

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A Deep Emerald Green


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A post shared by Mimi D (@nailsbymimi)

Forest green is the perfect happy medium between a dramatic winter color and an evergreen (pun totally intended), year-round nail shade. Nails By Mimi shows how a couple of coats of emerald can instantly enliven your claws after a few weeks of staring at a chipped manicure.

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An Uplifting Orange


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A post shared by Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails)

If beiges and dark tones are beginning to feel beyond blasé it might be time to whip out the colors more usually reserved for the warmer months of the year. Forget the dull dingy hues and embrace popsicle-like shades such as tangerine and peach, which Alicia Torello did immaculately here.

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A Stick-On Affair


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Painting your nails can be intimidating, and if you’re not too confident in your skills, look no further than press-ons. Even if you’re a fabulous DIY nail painter, chic extensions or stickers, like seen here on Women’s Health beauty director Kristina Rodulfo, make everything look clean and salon-worthy. We’ll be grabbing a pack or two asap. 

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An Unlikely Pairing


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A post shared by Melanie C. (@sassabar.nails)

If you don’t like the thought of pairing pale peach with sage green, it’s time to reconsider. These nails a la Melanie C. are comprised of an unexpected color palette, but they’re completely worth copying. Take a peek at your menagerie of polish bottles and see if there are other fresh combos you’ve never blinked twice at.

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