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These Online Workouts Made Me Love Cardio

by Annie McCreery

When choosing a workout, I want one that is effective, but most of all doesn’t make me want to give up within the first five minutes. I used to preach to my friends that if a workout had too many planks, it wasn’t for me. Constant jumping jacks and burpees… I’ll pass. It was a constant battle of finding a workout that was fun and enjoyable but also ensured I burnt a substantial amount of calories. Was it too much to ask for the best of both worlds? I was beginning to think it was until I was recommended these four online classes that made me rethink everything. 

Below are online workouts that shake up the fitness world by incorporating dance-based cardio, low impact movements, and HIIT intervals that inspire and motivate me to get that sweat in before 9 am. Why? Because these classes will keep me engaged with a killer playlist and full-body experience. Leaving me feeling refreshed, accomplished, and looking forward to doing it again.

The Sculpt Society with Megan Roup

The Sculpt Society utilizes dance-based fitness to create a long, lean, and strong body. Workouts combine dance cardio and sculpting movements. Owner, Megan Roup, loves to be creative and relatable by utilizing household items for her workouts, making her exercises doable absolutely anywhere!

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood combines yoga and pilates, using low impact movements to create long, lean lines throughout the body. Her platform incorporates mindfulness and meditation to create a holistic fitness journey. Melissa’s workouts span from 10 minutes to 40 minutes which is great for those days when you want to get a workout in but don’t have too much time available. Melissa not only has a cult following and rave reviews but she is also an inspiring example of a mom on the move, with her two children making frequent appearances in her videos. We love a multi-tasking momma!

The Class by Taryn Toomey

The Class is a workout for the body and mind, incorporating repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics in HIIT intervals to strengthen and tone. Not only does this 60-minute class effectively burn calories and strengthen the body, but it is also a powerful emotional experience that strengthens the mind. For those that love a head-to-toe reset that gives them a full-body experience every time, then this class is for you. If you love all things spiritual, this is the class for you.

Dance Body

DanceBody is an incredibly fun, upbeat dance-inspired cardio class that works muscles you never even thought existed. It is taught by real dancers, but you definitely do not have to be a dancer to get a good workout. The class repeats the same dances for up to three months, so the more you go, the better you get! Molly Sims frequently integrates Dance Body in her weekly workout schedule because she never says no to a good playlist and dancing. Sims always raves how “I’m having so much fun that it makes me feel like I’m not even working out!”

Find out more info on these online class recommendations here: The Sculpt Society, Melissa Wood Health, The Class, Dance Body.

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