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Feel The Burn With Hot Pilates Owner Shannon Nadj

by Schaeffer Carrillo

Shannon Nadj is the woman that does it all- effortlessly at that. A boss babe with a notable client list such as Hailey Beiber, Selena Gomez, and Sofia Richie and is the owner of the coveted Hot Pilates Studio based in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Her specialty: a high-intensity workout based on the foundation of yoga and pilates in 95-degree heat. Let’s just say everything about this studio, and Nadj, is HOT.

After countless workouts together, Molly Sims swears by Nadj’s expertise. We are bringing the experience to your home through this virtual twenty-minute full-body Pilates workout, accompanied by Sims herself. Get ready to feel the burn and tone those muscles because a tight tummy and firmer butt is in your future. 

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