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Four Moves To A Toned Butt and Tighter Core


When you’re working out, you know you’re making magic happen for your body when you feel the burn. However, with gyms and in-person classes still on the restricted list, we want to make sure that our at-home workouts are effective. I mean, if I am taking the time to get out of my ever-so-soft Parachute bed covers to slug my way into a workout, you best believe I want to make sure IT WORKS.

Jacqui Kingswell, founder of The Pilates Class, gave us the breakdown for the four most effective moves to help define your figure and give your butt that instant lift.  Each move works to make you stronger, longer, and leaner by targeting certain muscle groups. So when you finally decide to work towards that “summer body”… you know that one we swore to start on back in May… you can follow this routine for toned and tight results.




Continue on from your leg extension, and tap each toe from the right side to the left side representing a rainbow formation.  Draw your belly button back towards your spine to control the movement.

Double Pulse Squat

Stand with your feet parallel at a hip-distance apart. Hinge forward coming into a squat and then pulse twice. As you stand, squeeze your butt tight!

All Fours – Leg Extension 

On all fours, extend one leg out as long as you can and draw your belly towards your spine. Alternate lifting your leg up and down. Squeeze the booty as hard as you can at the top of the movement and control the leg on the way back down. A straight back and isolating your movements is key!

Bridge Pulses

Lay on your back and keep your feet flat. Then press your hips up to the sky and squeeze your butt together as hard as you can to really feel the burn. Then lift one inch and lower one inch. Repeat for 1 minute.



Low Plank

Line up your shoulders with your elbows and unclasp your hands. Keep a long spine and draw the belly button back towards your spine. If you need to modify, lower your knees into a half plank.


Laying on your back and place your hands behind your head. Take your legs to tabletop position and extend one leg whilst keeping your opposite knee bent. Twist towards your bent knee and extend the other leg and point through your toes. Imagine your spine is like a wet tea towel and you are wringing out every last drop of water.. really twist for a deep burn.

Full Sit-up 

With feet flat, spine long, and arms out in front, contract your spine and roll each vertebra down into your mat. Don’t forget the lower spine, this is the most important part! Really draw your belly button back and create a C shape with your spine. Inhale as you get to the bottom, exhale draw chin to chest, slide ribs down towards your hips, and slowly start to sit up, peeling each vertebra off your mat.

Mountain Climbers 

In a plank, run one knee into your chest and then switch legs! The same principles as your plank technique apply here. To get our heart rate up, run a little faster. Yes, faster!

For more ways to lean and tone check out The Pilates Class here.

photo courtesy of @thepilatesclass

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