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Lipstick on the Rim: We’re Calling It a ‘Hot Mom Summer’ – Fitness Pioneer Tracy Anderson on Creating Workouts for Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and J.Lo, How to Achieve Visible Abs, Debunking Fitness Trends, and More!


This week, we sit down with the legendary fitness pioneer, Tracy Anderson! The woman behind the transformations of some of the world’s biggest celebs and the creator of the Tracy Anderson Method. With over two decades of experience in the fitness industry, Tracy’s unique method focuses on targeting the tiny muscles and creating balance where there is imbalance. In this episode, Tracy debunks popular fitness trends, shares insider stories from her experience training high-profile clients, discusses the key to obtaining visible, stronger abs, and gives us an inside look into what she eats in a day to look and feel her best.

[Tracy] On Rest Days

“I want people to learn to listen to their bodies and understand the mission of creating balance where there’s an imbalance in their body. If you wake up and you know there are all these different boxes you want to check – you want to be a good partner, you want to have good friendships, you want to have a career, you want to be a good parent, you have things in your life you want to do and honor, it becomes a part of your character and part of your core values to work out and not just check a box. It allows you to actually go deep, and know yourself. You will get to this place that’s very academic, and you will probably end up doing it [working out] five to seven days a week even if it’s for 30 minutes. So do I believe in rest days? I believe in listening to your body.”

[Tracy] On Finding a Personalized Workout Routine

“We’re so programmed, environmentally, to think that there are key movements, or three moves to achieve the body you want. Like in the press you’ll read “Get Molly Sims’ body in three moves.” That’s wrong. It’s your body. This language and narrative are really robbing people of their opportunity to be themselves. Now especially, there is so much information out there and so many people saying so many things about what women should do and what they need. I see these things and  I think we [society] are still so far back. Society has not teased out the science, like I have fanatically for 25 years. There are no key moves and there will never be a move, or a machine that you can step on, and do the stimulation to do the work for you. We [our bodies] are way too sophisticated and way too smart.”

[Tracy] On Finding Balance Between Your Mind & Body

“It’s very difficult to stay focused when you live in a world of trends and want to be a part of society, and try and bounce around to different things. It really takes focus to stay on track. I stayed completely focused to my own discoveries and then created on it. If your mind and your body are not running in sync, you’re going too far and too fast by either abusively pushing yourself mentally, like calling yourself weak, or physically, by pushing your body to do too much. The healthiest thing to do is to keep your mind and your body in conversation to where one is not dominating the other. When your mind and body don’t understand each other, you’re creating a lack of harmony between the two, and your body, hormonally, is going to react to that in a negative way, every time.”

Tracy’s Must-Haves:


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