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Lipstick on the Rim: Kate Upton (The Icon and Legend of Sports Illustrated Swim) on How She Reclaimed Her Body, Navigating Extreme Public Criticism, What Modeling Has Taught Her as a Parent, Where We Need to Progress in Modeling, and More


Today’s guest is kind of a big deal. You may know her as the trailblazer who made history by gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated Swim three times or as Maxim Magazine’s crowned Hottest Woman of the Year. She’s a supermodel, actress, entrepreneur, mom, and a true icon — Kate Upton! Since her early modeling days, Kate has become a co-owner of the canned cocktail brand Vosa Spirits, all while being an amazing mom. Joining us on Lipstick on the Rim today, Kate reflects reflects on her journey in the modeling industry, the impact it has had on motherhood, and how the harsh criticism she endured about her body propelled her into a leadership role within the body positivity movement. We also celebrate the launch of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 60th Anniversary Legends Issue, which features both Kate and Molly! And, of course, we delve into Kate’s beauty, wellness, and fitness routines that she swears by as a model.

[Kate Upton] On How Modeling Has Impacted Motherhood

“It’s really important that my daughter knows that her voice is important. What she says and the boundaries she sets matters. It’s about looking inside to find beauty, instead of on only the outside. Doing what makes you feel good, and blocking out the noise, not just from other people, but also inside your own head, that is critical of yourself. No means no, and if you feel uncomfortable, trust your body, trust your instincts. You’re often told to ignore discomfort and smile and move through it. There is a place for that lesson to be learned and to move through something, but ultimately, always trust your instincts, your voice matters, and set boundaries. Also, it’s okay that not everybody likes you, you wouldn’t be able to handle everybody liking you anyway.”

[Kate Upton] On Her Go-To Skincare + Makeup

“I love getting facials, and I’ve learned that although I love a lot of  different products, I need to be lighter on my products. I have very sensitive skin, so I don’t really do anything at night. I just wash my face and tone it. I’m mostly in a summer state, so I don’t put moisturizer, but if it’s winter, I will.  For the daytime,  I wash, tone, and apply vitamin C  and sunblock. As for face makeup, I wear NARS, but I’m also in the market for a new foundation. For lips, I have been using the RMS lip tint, and then I put it on my cheeks, too. My new thing I love to do is tint my eyelashes and eyebrows and then I just apply brow gel. I like it because I can be lazier that way.”

[Kate Upton] On Her Wellness + Workout Routines

“I’m like anti-trend for wellness. For me, it’s just about having a routine, staying consistent, and not overdoing. I love the infrared sauna and I love to dry brush. I’ve heard that it’s irritated some people’s skin, but not mine. Lately, I’ve been doing this shower routine where I dry brush, exfoliate, shave, and do a body moisturizer. Then when I come out of the shower, I do an oil. Right when I come out, I lightlypat dry, and while I’m still wet, I mix an oil and a lotion together. My skin is so soft. I use Tammy Fender’s lavender oil and then the lotion I have been using is Nécessaire. As for working out, I weight train with Ben Bruno, and he’s all about low impact training, staying consistent, and getting something in every day. Mentally getting over the hump to try weight training changed my life. I have way more energy. I feel like when you’re doing cardio, you feel like you’re starving. When you’re weight training, you’re burning more all day and you just feel so much stronger and better.”

Kate’s Must-Haves:

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