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Lipstick on the Rim: Everything Molly and Emese Are Using, Buying, Eyeing for Spring + Their Beauty and Fitness Routines, Treatments They’re Trying, Travel Plans, and More


Spring has been in full swing for the past few weeks and we thought we’d do a solo episode of just us talking about everything we’re doing to get ready for the warmer months ahead. We get into our beauty routines (how could we not?!) We talk about our current fitness routines and treatments we’ve been trying. We dish on travel plans and more. From the best bronzer combo to the hat that’ll take you from the sports field to the beach… if you’re in the mood to shop, this episode is for you.


[Molly] On Treatments She’s Trying

“I’ve been doing a few new treatments with Catherine Esposito, who I’m obsessed with. Myolift is a medical-grade microcurrent treatment that helps tighten and lift a ton. I’ve also recently tried the Pagani Star T-Shock Treatment. It’s a radio frequency and cryo device that flushes out toxins and excess fluids, reduces inflammation, and increases oxygenation. I’ve been doing this on my face and my body. I just did microneedling. It was really good. I’m still a little puffy, still a little red. I did not do it this time with PRP. Honestly, the healing is a little slower without the PRP. For those of you who don’t know, PRP is basically your own blood. They spin it, and once they’ve dropped the needles into your face, they’ll then roll it with your PRP. It’s called a Vampire Facial for a reason. It’s getting blood flow going and pumping collagen back up to the skin. I’m a little bruised, red, and swollen, but I’m feeling good.”

[Molly] On the Perfect Slick Back Ponytail and Bun

“These three products are a game-changer for getting a tight slick back look. First things first, you’re going to get a thing called a hook elastic band. It’s a ponytail holder made of elastic band with metal hooks so you can wrap it really tight and get it super tight. Don’t use this if you want to take your hair up and down. Use this when you’re going for that super tight slick back look. Then you need the Framar hair color brush. Next, Kenra has this product called The Texturizing Taffy and it’s a sculpting fiber cream. It keeps your hair back all night, but the difference between this and a gel is that you can take your hair out and style it down. It’s not crunchy and it’s not oily. So get your hair up and tight with the hook elastic band, then apply your texturizing taffy all over and really go in with your brush to slick it back. Finish off the look with the Elnett Spray or any other strong-hold spray.  It’s so good, it’s so sleek.”

Molly’s Must-Haves:

[Emese] On Her New Favorite Body Treatment

“I have a body treatment that I’ve recently started and I love it. It’s a machine from France and it’s called  LPG endermologie. It looks like you’re wearing a Balenciaga suit. It’s this white knit-like jumpsuit that you put yourself into. The machine has this new patented alliance treatment head and it’s called endermologie which stimulates the skin and the fatty tissue, softening them and making them less fibrous. And then at the same time, the stimulation helps you to release the fat and activate blood and lymphatic circulation. It’s a really effective lymphatic massage through this machine. And if you do it regularly, it really helps in toning and getting rid of some of those little love handles that you have. I have been obsessed with this machine. I’ve done three treatments of it, and I have really noticed a difference, especially in my stomach area, where I have saggier skin, unfortunately.”

[Emese] On Her Self-Tanning Routine

“I have not seen the sun in a long time. I’m pale. So, I’ve been just increasing my Tan Luxe drops dosage every few nights. I add it to my moisturizer or my serum, and I wake up with a little bit more of a golden glow. And now I’ve started using their Hydra Mousse. It’s like a water mister, but it actually turns into a mousse on your body as soon as it hits. I did a one-leg test to see and it was unbelievable. It’s really deceiving because it looks like a clear water, but I’m sold. It goes on really evenly, is super easy to apply, dries quickly, isn’t streaky, and gives a beautiful glow. I didn’t put a glove on to apply so when I finished, I washed my hands super quickly and then just took a makeup brush and did the top of my hands with what was left. I did a very sheer layer, but it honestly turned out pretty well.”

Emese’s Must-Haves:


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