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Lipstick on the Rim: Reesa Teesa Breaks the Internet, Reliving Her 50-Part TikTok Series, How She’s Building Trust Back, Her Beauty Favorites, and What’s Next (PART 2)


We’re back for Part 2 with Reesa Teesa. If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, stop what you’re doing before you hit play on this episode. By the way, we recorded this from Austin during SXSW. And, might we add, you’re looking at the winner of the iHeart Radio Award for Best Beauty and Fashion Podcast. It’s been a good few weeks, to say the least. As we conclude our sit-down with Reesa Teesa, she looks back at her series and what she would have done differently had she known it would blow up. We look ahead and discuss trusting again and what’s next for her (Oprah, are you listening?). We also obviously had to tap her on some of her favorite beauty products. This truly has been one of our favorite episodes ever so we hope you love it as much as we do.

[Reesa] On Rebuilding Trust

“I’ve always been a trusting person. But, I’ve acknowledged that it’s not so much about trusting a man in a relationship, as much as it is that I don’t trust myself. I don’t trust myself well and strong enough to know, ‘hey, this doesn’t feel right and I’m walking away.’ So my instinct has been to not even walk towards that, like ‘you stay over there, I’m going to stay over here.’ I feel like my radar was broken. I feel like I didn’t trust my own instinct that was screaming at me. There are so many things in this experience in which I put the blame on myself because I cannot go through that again. Because I don’t feel strong enough within me, I don’t even want to try. It was traumatic, and healing takes time.”

[Reesa] On How She’s Doing Today

“I’m good. I am fully aware I am not who I was in 2020 when this started. But I also know, and what makes me excited is that I’m not who I’m going to be when I’ve healed and I’m on the other side of this. I did not see this coming, especially in terms of what’s happened since releasing the story. This is a journey. It feels good to be appreciated by others for telling my story because they, too, have gone through a similar thing. Even though I’ve faced a lot of criticism that’s been loud, I get choked up hearing that people have listened to all the parts. I just hope this helps someone.”

[Reesa] On Looking Ahead

“I want this story to propel, but I want to also tell other stories, whether it’s mine or someone who trusted me to tell their story. I do feel like I’ve been talkative my whole life, so I should talk on behalf of people who feel like ‘hey, I feel safe with her.’ That is one thing I hope to always maintain. I hope people get around me and they feel like ‘man, it felt like I was talking to my homegirl,’ because that’s how I want you to feel. That’s the reason why I’m holding my camera up as if all of you are my homegirls and my homeboys. I’m not putting on a show. So in five years, I would still love to tell other stories, whether that’s in writing, screenwriting, or on a show. Just being able to give a voice to people who are like ‘I saw what happened to you. I want my story out there, but I don’t want my face out there.’ I understand that, I really do.”

Reesa’s Must-Haves:

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