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Lipstick on the Rim: Gabby Bernstein On Manifestation – The Key to Unlocking Your Own Power, Building a Strong Spiritual Foundation, Setting Intentions, and a Manicure Meditation (Yes, You Read that Right)


Gabby Bernstein hit rock bottom at age 25. Addicted to drugs, she did everything in her power to search for a higher calling. At an absolute low, she found it, turned her life around, and has been sober ever since. Since that day on, she’s practiced manifestation (long before it became a buzzy word in the zeitgeist) and has become one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers. She imparts a crazy amount of wisdom in this episode, teaching us the key to manifestation and how to unlock what it is you want, and how to get it. We talk about gratitude and its correlation to the manifestation process, following your feelings, how to build a strong spiritual foundation, setting intentions, and so much more. This is one for the books.

[Gabby] On Manifestation

“I don’t know that the definition of ‘manifestation’ is necessarily obvious to people. It’s so in the zeitgeist right now, so I think that many people have the wrong idea of manifesting like it means playing tricks with the universe or doing something a million times, or saying affirmations a thousand times. Frankly, it’s great that that’s a trend, it’s a beautiful trend to have. It’s much better than some of the other trends we’ve had in the world, but it’s not the core depth of what it means to manifest. We’re all super attractors. We all have a natural ability to attract into our lives what it is that we believe. It’s something that’s inside of you and you’ve built up these blocks against it. When you start to work on yourself and release those blocks and adjust your belief system, you manifest what you believe. Heal the core beliefs within you in order to be completely in alignment with what it is that you desire. But if you don’t believe you’re worthy of whatever it is you want, you can manifest it, but you will not get it. So the real secret to manifesting is to forget what you think you need and get into alignment with how you want to feel, which is good. Good is what you want to feel. At its core, you manifest what you believe and what you believe you will receive.”

[Gabby] On Unlocking Our Own Strength

“It’s all about transforming your fear into faith. We have so many limiting beliefs, fear-based belief systems, protection mechanisms, and all of the things that we’ve built up to survive in this world, actually blocking us from our manifesting powers. But our manifesting powers never left us. We are all super attractors and we have to remember to tune into it. If you’re in a place of fear and you choose to strengthen your faith and strengthen your intentions and only take action from that place of strong faith and intention, you can trust that that action will have an impact. Strengthen your faith, your faith in the non-physical. Strengthening your faith in your energy, strengthening your faith in the power of your beliefs, and strengthening your faith in the power of your intentions is the way to not overcome fear, but to soften it. There’s something sort of freeing when you hand yourself over because we live in a society that makes us want to be so in control of everything, right? We want to feel like we have that power. And if you go through something where you feel very powerless, the only strength you have (I went through it myself), is to hand yourself over. It’s freeing, scary as shit, but also makes you realize you don’t control much. Some things are simply uncontrollable. I think so many people would be happier and more content if they wanted to control less and understood that there’s very little we have control over. Forget what you think you need and align with what you want to feel and how you want to be. This will allow you to give up control and in turn, say ‘thank you universe for taking this from me.'”

[Gabby] On Manifesting Roadblocks 

“People who think they’re manifesting but it’s not coming through to them are typically doing something that I call ‘manic manifesting.’ You may be trying hard and nothing is working. ‘Trying’ is the operative word here. You’re thinking, ‘I’m doing all the meditations, I’m listening to all the  affirmations, I’m following this person, I’ve listened to that  podcast, I’m going to the yoga class, and I’m putting my vision board up.’ That energy is thirsty. It’s super needy, is that sexy energy? No, it’s not. You can’t be desperate. This is the law of attraction. Make sure the vibration you’re giving off is not a thirsty vibe. So that’s manic manifesting, and it’s blocking your true and natural ability to attract and really manifest. Another way that we block too, is when we judge. So judging others, and judging ourselves is a huge block to our manifesting power. Your number one daily devotion should be to focus on feeling good. Lean into what feels good and try to be happy at your core. Going back to the law of attraction and manifesting, this is giving attractive energy.”

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