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Make Your Home More Chic, Instantly


If you’re looking to make your living space chicer, hiring an interior designer can take time — never mind ordering furniture, waiting for it to arrive, and finally placing it within your home.

That said, you don’t need a total makeover to create an environment that’s a bit more refined. 

Whether you’re expecting guests and looking to impress them, or you want to spruce up your space just because, here are eight things that add a little something to make your home chicer instantly.



Adding personality to a home can be difficult but artwork is one way to jazz up those white walls and incorporate a personal and creative touch into your home.

Statement pieces can offer the perfect pop of color to brighten and bring life to any space while more scattered pieces with a similar color spectrum can tie a room together. Art pieces fit like a puzzle and knowing how and where to place each piece can elevate any space.

Make sure to take size, frame, and the style you prefer into consideration and don’t forget the little spaces…we love a painting in the bathroom or closet!



Overhead lighting is a thing of the past and dimming switches are so in!

Removing harsh lighting from your home and adding softer lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, and string lighting can bring a more calming presence to your house and may even improved your mood. Overhead lighting is known to cause eye strain and headaches so making these simple swaps can improve the way you feel in your home.



Similar to art, decor can determine the style of a room and add those elegant final touches that make the space…well, yours!

Adding items such as textured throws and rugs, floor length curtains, and accent pieces can make your home feel inviting and comfortable. Having vases filled with fresh cut flowers and scented candles burning throughout your living room will surely make your home your safe haven.

Lastly, metallic accents can also add a chic element to any home so don’t be afraid to throw in a gold catch all or metallic cabinet fixtures for a lux feel.


While the interior of your home may feel like the focus, curb appeal is equally as important – remember, first impressions are everything. Keeping your front lawn and the exterior of your home property kept can make for a beautiful entry way experience for visitors to enjoy, and for your daily strolls back from the mailbox.

Adding outdoor lighting, lounge furniture, and even little touches such as a painted front door and chic letter box can make the difference in the final touches of your home.


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