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Lipstick on the Rim: How to Detox Your Life and Home? Nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach, Yola Robert, Demystifies How to Live a Low Tox Life – Absolute No-Go’s, Habit Stacking, Easy At-Home Recipes, and More


Yola Robert has been on quite a health journey, to say the least. In fact, it’s the reason she found herself in the holistic nutrition space at all. Think of her as The Home Edit for toxic things. She’ll literally sift through your pantry, all your kitchen goods, and any product in your home to help you live “a low tox life.” Let’s face it, being fully non-toxic is impossible. We deep dive into all the absolute no-go’s, habit stacking (what that means), and how to avoid demonizing food, especially for your littles. She even has an at-home Gatorade recipe all you moms out there are going to love. If you’ve been looking to detoxify your life and home recently but don’t know where to start, this episode is for you.

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[Yola] On The Foods You Consume

“When it comes to food, ‘all-natural’ really doesn’t mean anything. ‘Organic’ is a little bit better because you can hope they’re not sprayed with a bunch of pesticides. The best thing is to try to stick to whole foods as much as possible.  It’s really simple. Stick to simple, real, whole foods. As for sugar, I’m not saying don’t consume sugar at all. But try to have more naturally derived sugars. The quality and nutrient density are much better for your body. When the ingredients list is long, avoid it. Always read the labels. Unfortunately, when a lot of brands scale or get bought out by bigger companies, the ingredients change. There are great tools out there like EWG, Think Dirty, Yuka App, and the Clean Label Project. It’s unfortunate that as consumers, we can’t just trust our environment and have to put in extra work to stay healthy. The way I think of things is ‘bad, better, and best.’ If people are eating the worst of the worst, I can’t expect for them to go completely the other way immediately. So I rather you get something that’s better than what you had before. You don’t have to go 180 all of a sudden.”

[Yola] On Habit Stacking

“Habit stacking is a game changer. I habit stack in the morning and the evening. I have a very lengthy morning and night routine. For me, the number one thing I want to do is reduce inflammation in my body. So I do dry brushing, lymphatic massage, my vibration plate, my red light therapy, meditation, etc…  I have all these things that are part of my routine and if I do it all separately, it’ll be like a two-hour thing. So I try to stack my meditation and my red light, or when I’m in the infrared sauna, I’ll do my dry brushing. In the evening, it’ll be the same thing. I’ll be on my PEMF mat with my red light mask (from Higher Dose, which I love) and listen to a podcast or an E-book. I’ll be in the bath and journaling. Essentially, I try to find 2-3 activities or habits that I can combine together to save time. Otherwise, it’s really unrealistic. In wellness culture, I think the routines have gotten really out of control. I don’t get to my ideal routine every morning, but I figure out what it is that I can get to that morning. Habit stacking allows you to be more productive throughout the day and it frees up your time so you can spend time doing other things in your life like working, exercising, or spending more time with your family.”

[Yola] On Ways to Minimize Toxins

“Unfortunately, between our air, water, clothes, everything we put on our skin, food, and more, we are now bombarded with an abnormal amount of toxins. Especially as women, we’re most susceptible to them. We have reproductive systems and that’s one of the things that’s in turn, most affected. A few ways to minimize these toxins is to read all the food labels, especially the label of food that says it’s ‘better for you’ or ‘gut friendly’ or ‘organic.’ Also read those on beauty products. As for more home related, the number one thing you should not do is leave a plastic water bottle in the heat, especially in a hot car. We definitely want to stay away from micro-plastics, BPAs, and PFAs. There’s a crazy statistic that says something like 90 % of Americans have some kind of micro-plastic in their bloodstream.  Also anything with coloring or dyes is a big ‘no-no.’ I think my rule of thumb is try to stick to real whole foods as much as possible. When the ingredient list is long, avoid it.”

Yola’s Must-Haves:


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