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Lipstick on the Rim: Michelle Pfeiffer (the GOAT and Our #1 Beauty Icon) On Pioneering Non-Toxic Fragrance, Her Favorite Scent, Most Nostalgic Memories, and Simplistic Beauty Approach


It’s hard for us to believe we had the chance to sit down with Michelle Pfeiffer, one of our all-time favorite actresses and our ultimate beauty icon (isn’t she everyones?). I mean, hello “Scarface.” Beyond her unparalleled career in film, Michelle has been a pioneer in the non-toxic fragrance space with her line Henry Rose that launched in 2019 and is the first line of fine fragrances with 100% ingredient transparency. We get into the meaning scents hold, the memories they elicit, her favorite note, and more. Not only can we now smell like her but we can also dress like her thanks to her recent collaboration with Dylan’s T-Shirt Club. If that wasn’t enough, a portion of all t-shirt sales are donated to Perfect Pet Rescue. Smelling good, looking good, doing good. What more does one need?

[Michelle] On Entering the Fragrance Field 

“Before having children, I didn’t really care about what I was putting on my body. I started reading fragrance labels and noticed that very few listed the ingredients that were used. I stumbled upon the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database where I could plug in the specific ingredients used in my favorite fragrances. This was eye opening, as the fragrances would be rated on a 1-to-10 scale according to toxicity. Until I found this database, there was enough information on the internet to make me paranoid, but I never got the answers that I was looking for. I stopped using fragrances for 10 years and I really missed wearing them. I wanted to see if I could formulate a product that was safer, but could also perform. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice using fragrances, or sacrifice the quality for safety.”


[Michelle] On Creating Henry Rose

“I tried to think of a name that felt authentic and I kept circling back to my kids. Henry is my son’s middle name, and Rose is my daughter’s middle name. It also reflected that Henry Rose is a genderless brand which was important to me. Formulating the scents was difficult at first since historically I have been a one-scent person. When I find a fragrance I love, I stick with it, but I knew I couldn’t sell just one scent. Torn was the first fragrance we agreed on and locked in. After smelling it for the first time, I realized that throughout the fragrance making process I was trying to replicate my father’s cologne. I can track his smell back to some of the most pleasant moments in my life. It was a very emotional experience, and I soon realized that my father was why I tended to gravitate towards enjoying an old spice, woody, vanilla scented fragrance. It was similar to the one I remember him always wearing and loving.”

[Michelle] On Why Ingredient Transparency is Key

“We are exposed to so many different scents everyday and at every turn since fragrances are used in almost everything. They are in lotions, hair products, all of our body care, laundry detergent, inside of our cars, and even in the paper we use. On perfume and personal care labels specifically, the scent is listed as only one word which is deceiving. What people don’t know is that one word consists of a bucket full of non federally approved ingredients. The lack of transparency is so dangerous because over 30% of the population has some sort of allergy to fragrances. The symptoms can range from a little congestion and a migraine to going into anaphylactic shock. If fragrances listed all of their ingredients, we would actually know what we are using on our bodies and not have to be our own detective.”

Michelle’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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