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The List of Kitchen Essentials You Need to Splurge on ASAP


No matter where I’ve lived—in apartments big and small—the kitchen has always been (and still is!) my favorite room in the house.

It’s obviously a dedicated space for cooking and eating, (not to mention full of snacks!) but it’s also a place for gathering with friends, family and guests. 

Another big part of the kitchen is, undoubtedly, the items that help make a space most comfortable and functional. From breakfast to after-dinner drinks, to every meal (or nosh) in between, these kitchen essentials are worth the splurge.



Clear storage makes for easy access to your favorite snacks, spices, and kitchen appliances.


Refrigerator and Freezer

Say goodbye to stray cans, sauce bottles, and Tupperware’s.


Counter Organization

Keep your appliances out for display…proudly! 

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