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Organize Your Beauty Stash In Four Steps

By Schaeffer Carrillo

We’ve all been there before—lipstick stains on the counter, our makeup bags exploding with product, and opened skincare jars stashed in the corner. I would love to say that a woman’s vanity is typically the cleanest and most sacred place in the home, however, I plead the fifth.

It wasn’t until I finally decided to re-organize my vanity/bathroom counter where I noticed that my beauty routine became immensely more efficient. Everything had a place and was accompanied by a chic marble tray underneath. I also put all my un-used products safely stored underneath in compartments that always stayed neat. This process was not only satisfying but a way for me to take back control and start my “getting ready” routine in the most productive way possible. Not to mention, I am such a product-hoarder that I love waking up each morning and admiring my pretty packaged beauty jars, bottles, etc. Is this just a me thing? Anyone else a sucker for good packaging?

Looking to upgrade your vanity and indulge in some much-needed organization? Below are the 4 steps that will take your vanity to the next level.


Vanity clean-out: Take out all of your products, brushes, storage bins, etc. and set aside. Grab a disinfectant wipe and really get in those neglected areas and hard to reach crevices. For stubborn and small corners, I like to use a spoolie to brush away unwanted dirt. This should be done at least every few weeks to keep all your products looking fresh and brand new.

After all of your products and surfaces are wiped clean, grab a pen and paper and start making a list. This list will consist of items that you can get rid of, items that need replenishing, and items that can be recycled for other use. For example a Diptique candle, once finished, has a multi-purpose use for displaying makeup brushes. Once this is complete, here is when the organization comes into play.

Image courtesy of @theglossarray

STEP #2:

Organize your products by routine: Gather your products and separate them into two categories: skincare and makeup. The separation of skincare and makeup items will help to make your beauty routine more time-effective and efficient. Once separated, place your serums together continuing with facial oils, moisturizers, etc. Set aside in order of routine.

For makeup, I like to have my most-used products on display with a few special occasion products intertwined. My back stock items will be tucked away in my drawers to prevent clutter. Note: There is no need to organize your products according to height. There is something aesthetically pleasing about different levels of bottles, compacts, lipsticks, etc that all together create a beautiful vignette.

STEP #3:

Invest in decor pieces for display: It is no secret— I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I love to admire all my beautiful beauty products lined-up on my counter. It is a guilty pleasure and I can’t help but admit I have at least one or two items that I totally bought just because it “looked” pretty. I treat my products like jewelry, so I like to compliment them by displaying an array of trays underneath. I personally love a marble tray because it goes with almost every style and always looks elevated and chic. A mirrored tray will also do the trick if you are wanting a more elegant and romantic vibe.

Next, I love to add in a candle, a small round bowl for my ring and earrings, and sometimes even an elegant diffuser. Mix and matched textures and adding different level planes create an intriguing landscape and creates a very appealing visual.

“I love to add in a candle, a small round bowl for my ring and earrings, and sometimes even an elegant diffuser.”



STEP #4:

Organization in drawers: Now that the top surface is complete, the back stock of extra beauty products (or ones we just don’t want displayed) need to be neatly placed. All of my drawers have various-sized plastic containers that are separated based on the product. My eye shadows have their own section as well as my bronzers. This helps me to clearly see what I am running low on and also becomes incredibly accessible and simple to grab knowing everything has its own place. I also recommend plastic containers because they are easy to wipe down and don’t ruin the inside of my cabinetry with makeup stains.

Images courtesy of @theglossarray

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