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Lipstick on the Rim: Victoria Beckham – the Woman, the Myth, the Legend (& Our Ultimate Dream Guest) On Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Her Fashion & Beauty Empire


Being an icon since the ‘90s is a long time to be iconic—and it’s no secret that most people, no matter how high they’ve peaked, have difficulty standing the test of time. Simply put, today, our dream has become a reality. Victoria Beckham is a woman who needs no introduction. A bit mysterious, completely alluring, and definitively posh, she candidly shares memories from her Spice Girls days that will undoubtedly put a wide grin on your face. Now a “mum” to four, running a fashion and beauty house, there is no slowing her down. She’s nailed a pace and continuous appetite for more that’s kept her unwaveringly at the top. We can’t wait to see what she does next. You’re seriously going to love this one.

[Victoria] On Her Evolution from The Spice Girls to Starting a Fashion Empire

“I loved my time in The Spice Girls, and I feel so thankful and grateful to the girls and the fans and the experiences that I had but it was always my dream to create a modern, luxury fashion and beauty house. That was what I always wanted to do. When we were in The Spice Girls, I was the one who was really excited about the fashion side of things. It was never just about the music. Fashion was always my passion—and for a while I was doing both. I remember playing at Madison Square Garden and all the other girls were relaxing that day, going around New York, doing a bit of shopping, and I had been up super early taking fashion meetings and then turning up at Madison Square Garden, putting down the Birkin bag and sky high stilettos, picking up the microphone just in time for sound check. So for a while I was doing both. I was doing all of this while I had children in tow as well. I was being the performer, I was being the mommy, and I was being the fashionista during the day.”

[Victoria] On Her Namesake Line

“It’s been 14 years, believe it or not. My first presentation was in New York. We were creating the collection in London but I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and, so for me, to show in a very humble way during New York Fashion Week, was where I started. We started with ten dresses—that was the first collection. A few seasons after that then we went into accessories. Our latest collection we just showed in Paris was a real flag in the sand moment. It shows how we’ve grown and there were a lot of technical aspects. It looked so simple and easy but it was really about challenging myself and my atelier. I knew if I was doing a show in Paris I had to really take it to the next level. Ultimately, this brand is very honest and very true to me and who I am in regards to my personal taste and style. I’m creating clothes that I want to wear myself that I dream of wearing.”

[Victoria] On Beauty

“The response to beauty has been phenomenal. I started a few years ago and did a capsule with Estée Lauder. I have collected over the years so much makeup and I knew what I wanted and what I couldn’t find. My attention to detail blew people away to be completely honest. The success of what I did with Estée Lauder really did show that there was an appetite for Victoria Beckham Beauty. For me to really do what I wanted to do with a strong focus on clean formals with no compromise with regards to the products actually working, I knew I had to do that on my own.”

Victoria’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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