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Age-Defying Makeup and Skincare Products to Use Sooner Rather Than Later

By Michelle Rostamian

Makeup settling into wrinkles, sun spots peaking through the foundation, and dryness galore. Sound familiar? You’re not imagining it.

As we age, our skin goes through several changes — namely, collagen production and cell turnover slowing down, as well as skin losing its elasticity. All of these changes mean that fine lines turn into wrinkles, and a once-glowing complexion can become a dull one.

There’s nothing wrong with sporting wrinkles, but if you find comfort in lessening their appearance, you have options regarding the skincare and makeup products you choose.

Ahead, find the best formulas for women over 40 that are chock-full of ingredients your skin needs.


Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Balancing Gel Moisturizer

Biossance’s moisturizer is the perfect pick-me-up for skin that’s been put through years of stress.

Plant-based squalane keeps your skin’s moisture levels in tip-top shape while a blend of probiotics, ginger extract, and red seaweed work hard to alleviate redness and even out skin tone — perfect for those who are dealing with a sudden onset of rosacea.

On top of the star-studded list of ingredients, the formula itself is lightweight, easily spreadable, and quick to absorb, making the application experience itself a pleasant one.

We’re also giving this product brownie points for being in a recyclable glass jar.


Dermelect Smooth Upper Lip

We give a lot of attention to the skin on our forehead, under eyes, and neck, but our lip area is also susceptible to signs of aging as a result of things like smoking, sun exposure, and waxing (all of which can lead to vertical and smile lines).

Cue this anti-aging treatment from Dermelect — it’s formulated with peptides to smooth out fine lines around the entire mouth area as well as retinol, collagen, and brighteners to improve discoloration.

The soft ceramic tip makes it easy to apply where you need it — just apply a small amount straight from the tube and push the formula in with your fingers.


Meaningful Beauty Pore Refining Toner

Cindy Crawford’s skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, is a helpful reminder that healthy skin can be achieved at any age.

Reach for the Pore Refining Toner if you notice your pores are looking a little larger than you’d like. It rebalances your skin’s pH levels post-cleansing, using pore-refining ingredients like ginkgo biloba leaf extract and witch hazel to do so.

Plus, it preps your skin for moisturizer by getting rid of any excess dirt, oil, or grime your cleanser missed. Over time, you’ll notice softer-feeling skin and a youthful-looking glow.


Cotz Sensitive SPF 40 Non-Tinted

If your skin was as strong as a brick wall in your twenties but is all of a sudden experiencing sensitivity, it’s time to switch up your daily SPF to one that’s more accommodating.

This one from Cotz fits the bill, as it’s mineral-based and made without any preservatives.

We appreciate the fact that the formula isn’t thick or greasy — plus, because it blends to a smooth, translucent finish, it can be used on both the face and body without leaving behind a whitecast.


Kosas Revealer Skin-Improving Foundation

Gone are the days where you only had your nighttime skincare routine to rely on for feeding your skin nourishing ingredients.

Aptly named, the Kosas Revealer Skin-Improving Foundation is meant to better the condition of your skin the more you wear it. The formula is full of all the good stuff and none of the bad — you won’t find irritating fragrance, silicones, or mineral oil in here, but you will be met with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide (to keep skin looking hydrated, plump, and bright) along with squalane and arnica (to keep oil production in check and calm irritation).

The medium-coverage formula never feels cakey on the skin, and is easy to apply with both a beauty sponge or a brush depending on how much coverage you need.

Plus, it contains SPF 25 so you can wear it confidently throughout the day without worrying about any harmful sun-related effects.


Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick

Simplifying your routine with a multi-use product can shave minutes off of your “getting ready” clock.

This color stick from Thrive Causemetics can be used on your lips, cheeks, and body for a natural flush of color all over. Cream products like this one are ideal for aging skin as they’re less likely to settle into fine lines and wrinkles (like powders can).

We like the fact that this comes with the color on one end and a brush on the other for easy application on-the-go. And, it’s waterproof, meaning midday sweat or oil will never wreck your look.

Choose from seven flattering shades that range from coral shimmer to matte berry.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

One of the many things we love about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is that it’s completely customizable.

You can layer on a few swipes if you’re looking to spot conceal (or if you’re going for a no-makeup makeup look), or you can build it up if you’re trying to desperately mask an all nighter.

Either way, the formula lasts up to 12 hours without settling into fine lines or showing signs of wear. And with a wide shade range to choose from (18, to be exact), you’ll definitely find your perfect match.


Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

Don’t let the unassuming spoolie of the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel fool you — if you’re losing volume in your brows, this formula packs a big punch.

It comes in six shades and contains a microfiber-infused formula that lifts brows and adds more definition with just a few quick swipes. As for the brush?

It’s dual-sided — one side features more densely-packed bristles to add volume and disperse color while the other side features bristles that are more spread apart if you’re looking for something a little less intense.

Plus, you can use it alone or to top off your brow-defining pencil for a multidimensional look.


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