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2022’s Top 6 Trends in Beauty and Skincare

By Michelle Rostamian

As we near the end of the year, we put in review what buzz-worthy beauty trends were scattering our Instagram feeds and the runway for the past year.

From nixing single-use products for a more efficacious, streamlined skincare routine to naturally glowing complexions and colorful eyes, this year catered to the “less is more” phenomenon as it relates to skincare and “going all out” when it comes to certain parts of our makeup routine. 

Below, we tapped leading experts in both skincare and makeup to learn more about the past trends of the year.


Streamlined Skincare

Rachael Burns, consultant dermatologist, says that the days of a 10-step skincare routine were gone for 2022. Instead, skincare lovers streamlined their products and sourced multi-use formulas that tackled more than one concern.

Streamlining skin treatments condense daily skincare essentials into one product,” says Burns.

Often, this means excluding active ingredients that target one skincare issue and instead focusing on the beneficial ingredients that comprise cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and SPF for all skin types.



Fermented Skincare

Skincare products containing fermented fruits, herbs, and yeast have grown in popularity.

The reason? According to Burns, the fermentation process converts these ingredients into serums, moisturizers, and masks that are easily absorbed into the skin. “Studies have shown that fermented ingredients can help to influence promising results as it relates to anti-aging and inflammation reduction,” she notes.

Not to mention, because these formulas are better able to penetrate the skin, this means you’ll have to use less of it.



This year, we saw skincare brands acting on the consumer’s increasing demand for skincare products that aim to rebalance and strengthen the skin.

In fact, immunologist and founder of AveSeena Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu says 2022 will be the year of “immunocosmetics” (AKA skin barrier-protecting products).

“It will keep both the top skin barriers, the skin microbiome, and the skin immune system happy and balanced,” says Dr. Karpuzoglu.

“These skin barriers and anti-inflammatory products are designed to help strengthen and support our skin barriers, keeping good substances inside our skin (such as moisture and sebum balance) and keeping harmful substances out (such as bad bacteria or external irritants).”


Bold Eyes

With masking still trumping our efforts to play with lip products at the beginning of the year, commercial and editorial makeup artist Lindsay Kastuk says 2022 was all about the eyes.

Really bold but angelic eye looks using fun, colorful, playful eyeliner were a huge trend for spring,” she says.

“Also, adding rhinestones and different small gemstone accents are a major trend that’s been building since the introduction of Euphoria.” To achieve the trend, go for a classic winged liner shape in a fun pop of color.

And if you’re looking to incorporate some rhinestones into your look, the options are endless—Kastuk says you can go for a strategic symmetrical placement or sporadic around the eyes depending on what the day calls for.



Dewy Highlights

It’s out with the frosted highlights and in with the dew for 2022.

But instead of achieving a glowing complexion via makeup, Kastuk says this year we turned to skincare to help us get the job done. “I find that using a dewy moisturizer under foundation and concealer gives the best look for this,” she says. Look for moisturizers and complexion products that contain humectants like hyaluronic acid.

Not only do these hydrate the skin and lock in moisture, but they provide a fresh-faced glow that gives the appearance of healthier skin.


Natural Brows

Sculpted brows à la heavy pomades had their moment, but 2022 reintroduced soft, natural brows.

“We have seen a nice turn from the sharp, filled-in brows and are now seeing more all-natural looking eyebrows,” notes Kastuk. “For this look, a tinted brow gel is perfect if you have full brows.

Or, if you find that your brows require more definition, going in with a very slim brow pencil and drawing in hair-like strokes only where you need it is the best way to create a more defined, natural brow.”

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