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How To Entertain like A Pro Using This Innovative Wine Experience

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean hosting get-togethers and gatherings with friends and family should come to an end too. 

While entertaining is fun, the preparation can be pretty stressful, especially during the upcoming busy months, but not with this new innovative wine experience.

Here is your new trick to elevate any get-together and entertain like a pro.

About Sommsation:

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re sure to be obsessed with it now. Here is the secret to easy entertaining and hosting the ultimate get-togethers. Sommsation

Sommsation is a virtual (or in-person) experience that brings the best of wine tastings to your backyard – or any location, really. 

Sommsation allows you and your friends to select a winery and three of their wines from a wide selection of independent wineries worldwide. Their website is easy to browse and helps you find the perfect winery and wine selection to fit the season, any occasion, or just your preferred taste.

Once you’ve selected your winery, Sommsation partners you with a sommelier who will share their expertise and lead you and your group through your tasting experience. 

The best part is your wines will be delivered in advance to the address you provide (or multiple addresses if you and your group are doing it virtually!). All you have to do is connect via the virtual meeting link provided by Sommsation on the date and time you’ve selected and begin your experience with your sommelier.

It’s as easy as that. 

Experiencing Sommsation: 

This past weekend I surprised my LA girlfriends with this new unique at-home wine tasting experience, and we absolutely loved it. 

Whenever my friends visit, I like to set up something special and usually do so through my decor! I opted for a simplistic, chic look for a luncheon with the girls. To create this, some of my go-tos to add to a fabulous tablescape are stylish linens, plate wear, and floral arrangements

I always get my floral arrangements from Sag Harbor Florists (who I’m obsessed with) and love having bright color florals with very little greenery to not distract from the petals. I especially love including dahlias in my arrangements. 

My girlfriends arrived and we met with one of Sommsation’s lead Sommeliers Elyse Lovenworth, on-site (aka my backyard) and began the tasting. Elyse gave us a taste of each of our wines while informing us about the region each wine came from and what grapes and methods were used to produce each bottle. My favorite was the rosé, of course.

She also taught us about food pairings for each bottle and discussed sustainable and organic wines, along with the biodynamic farming practices within the vineyards. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot about these new wines she introduced to us.

A Pro-tip from Elyse: enjoy your wine however you like it best, even if that means with a few ice cubes. There is no right or wrong way! 

Elevate the experience: 

Get Creative:

There are plenty of ways to jazz up a casual get-together while still keeping things simple. One way is with a theme which, believe it or not, is not just for kids! 

Choosing a theme can help you easily plan decor to create the perfect atmosphere and even get your guests a little excited for the event. Just a bonus – It can also alleviate some outfit planning stress, making the experience more enjoyable. 

The Atmosphere: 

Create the perfect atmosphere by adding an elegant flower arrangement, choosing a color scheme, and going all out with your table settings.

Candles, beautiful linens, and a thoughtfully designed centerpieces can make your space more inviting and will pull together the finishing details of your next event. 

This can elevate the experience and create the perfect environment for you and your guests.

Appetizers and More:

Cooking for a large group can be daunting and downright impossible, but Sommsation can lend a helping hand here as well. 

Sommsation will send you pairing recommendations for your exact tasting based on the wines in your experience  – from meats & cheeses on a charcuterie board to a full meal they have you covered.

There’s sure to be something for everyone, and variety is key when hosting big groups.

The Final Touches:

The little things matter and can make a big difference.

Having little touches such as glassware to match the wines you are experiencing is truly the ultimate way to elevate your at-home virtual wine-tasting. You can trust Sommsation to point you in the right direction so you and your friends can experience your wines in style.

These little touches can make your next get-together truly special and memorable for you and your friends. 

Now you’re ready to entertain like a pro and can even have a glass of wine while doing it!  

Check out to book your wine tasting experience for upcoming events, friends’ birthdays, book clubs, family gatherings, work events, promotions,  and anytime you want to connect with friends over wine.

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