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These 7 New Fragrances Are Summer Scents Trapped In A Bottle

By Marissa DeSantis

A new fragrance might just be the easiest way to elevate your beauty routine. Choose a mix of your favorite scents, mist away, and you’re ready to go — no color swatching or complicated hair tutorials required.

As part of the list ahead, you’ll find a new fragrance that covers every preference and seasonal plan. From classic-for-summer florals to sparkling citrus and fruit blends that practically require a trip to Capri, here are the scents you’ll be spritzing your way into the season with.


Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit

This has been my personal go-to ever since I got my hands on it early this spring. Much like its name (and its bright, lemon-yellow bottle) implies, Ellis Brooklyn’s Sun Fruit is a tropical, sweet scent with notes like fresh fig, plum leaves, pear, jasmine, and coconut. It somehow gets better as the sun warms it up on your skin, yet I haven’t found it to be too heavy or cloyingly sweet.

An ideal vacation scent, the bottle (which is reusable and recyclable) is tiny enough to take with you when you travel. Plus, the cap locks in place automatically, so you don’t have to worry about spills.


Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose

Don’t let the rose part of this Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose Eau de Parfum fool you. It’s nothing like the powdery rose fragrances of the past that tend to get a bad rap. Instead, you’ll find a more complex feminine scent that even those opposed to floral fragrances will like. White cedar, suede leather, plum, and vanilla give the tuberose notes a creamier finish that make the perfume just as suitable for an al fresco dinner as it is for a sunny afternoon stroll.


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love

If you’re a fan of the brand’s classic Light Blue scent, you’re going to want to add this limited edition Light Blue Italian Love Eau de Toilette to your collection. The azure blue bottle is the same color as the waters that surround the scent’s inspiration — the picturesque Italian island of Capri. You’ll pick up the zesty Calabrian lemon notes upon the first spritz, but as the fragrance settles, it takes on a softer quality (thanks to a blend of floral and woody notes like jasmine, white rose, and Virginian cedarwood).


YSL Black Opium Illicit Green

For those opposed to a “traditional” spring fragrance of fresh florals and fruity notes, there’s YSL’s Black Opium Illicit Green Eau de Parfum. Italian-sourced green mandarin adds a slightly juicy take to the otherwise spicy scent, which gets its kick from black coffee. To round out the addicting fragrance, you’ll also pick up subtler notes of creamy fig, white floral accord, and balsamic vanilla.


Abbott Crescent Beach

On the opposite end of the warm weather fragrance spectrum is Abbott’s Crescent Beach Eau de Parfum. Inspired by summers in the Hamptons, this fragrance is a classic blend of notes that channel fresh laundry, salty ocean air, and flower-filled gardens. Peony, lily, and amber musk give this a clean, floral scent that’s as soft as the beachy breezes that helped to inspire it. It even comes in a candle if you want to hold onto those beach vibes a little longer.


NEST New York Golden Nectar

Cleopatra was the inspiration behind this scent, which is a creamy, warm fragrance with a touch of floral. NEST New York Golden Nectar Eau de Parfum opens with the floral golden orchid, which gets a slightly sweet, velvety finish thanks to a blend of amber, musk, and vanilla.


Jo Malone London Bitter Mandarin

If you can’t get enough of fresh citrus scents in the spring and summer months, you’re not alone, which is why we had to throw this Jo Malone London Bitter Mandarin Cologne into the mix. This time, orange and mandarin take center stage with a base note of warm amber to balance out the citrus. The lightweight fragrance can be worn on its own or layered with another favorite scent — either way, it pairs perfectly with an A.

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