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5 Expert Tips To Get The Best Blowout Of Your Life (At Home)

By Marissa DeSantis

Nothing really compares to the next-level sense of luxury that comes from having someone else wash and style your hair. But that’s not exactly a realistic option for everyday life — even those celebrities and supermodels with access to the best hairstylists in the business aren’t turning to them for daily styling sessions, after all. That’s why knowing how to replicate a glossy blowout right at home is a useful skill to have. And who better to ask for advice than Harry Josh? One of the most celebrated hairstylists in the industry, Josh counts everyone from Kate Bosworth to Gisele Bündchen and Irina Shayk as clients. And then there’s his eponymous line of hair tools, which gives the average person access to salon-quality hair tools right at home.

The Harry Josh Pro Tools line has become so popular, in fact, that even if you haven’t heard of it by name, you’ve surely seen some of the signature mint green products populating your social media feed (yup, he’s the man behind those celebrity-loved mint green hair clips). Ahead, Josh breaks down the essential steps (and products) to elevate your at-home blow dry game.


Gather The Right Tools

Your blowout will only be as good as the tools you have on hand, and for Josh, there are several non-negotiables: A heat protectant, a professional level hairdryer, and a round brush. Whether you prefer a leave-in conditioner or a spray, you’ll need some type of heat protectant to help minimize the damage that comes from using heat styling tools.

“The right dryer will help you dry [your hair] quickly, minimize frizz, and promote shine for your style,” explains Josh.

His Harry Josh Tools Pro Dryer 2000 is a lightweight design that has eight different heat and ion settings, a cold shot button, and includes two different nozzle concentrators. (FYI, the ion setting will help promote a smoother, frizz-free blowout, but for finer hair textures looking for more volume and texture, turn the ion setting off.)

A round brush is your final essential, as it will better help you to control your hair and shape your blowout. Josh’s Harry Josh Pro Tools Thermal Magnesium brushes are available in several different sizes, each one made with nylon bristles for smoother, more voluminous hair and a magnesium-coated ceramic barrel to speed up your blow drying time. Other tools that can help with your blowout include a set of hair clips and a finishing spray or oil.


Prep Your Hair

Because any form of heat styling is hard on the hair, Josh tells us that it’s important to properly prep your hair with a detangling product and a heat protectant (or, a two-in-one product) while your hair is still wet.

“Ideally, before you start any form of heat on your hair, you’d like it to be damp,” Josh says.

But you also want to avoid excessive heat damage, which is why Josh advises that your hair be around 80 percent dry before you start styling. “However, if you’re working with curly or frizzy hair and want a sleek blowout, you’ll want to start with slightly wetter hair,” Josh notes.


Work In Sections

Before you get to blow drying, separating the hair into four sections will help make your blowout more manageable. “Start with the part in the middle,” Josh advises. “Then just split the hair from ear to ear to get your sections and clip up the part of your hair you aren’t using.” As you go in with your blow dryer and brush, you’ll want to further divide your hair into one-inch sections that are easier to work with.


Direct The Heat Downwards

“Take one-inch sections from each part and comb through with a round brush,” Josh says before you apply your heat. You’ll also want to make sure your nozzle attachment is on your dryer, as it allows for a more concentrated and precise air flow. (If you want a sleeker blowout, you can use the narrower nozzle concentrator and a paddle brush instead of your round brush.)

“Hook the brush at the top of the section and start to apply heat,” Josh begins. “Make sure to lay the brush under the hair as you apply heat, scoop it up at the ends, and then wrap it around,” he explains of his preferred technique. “Always use the highest heat, and make sure to direct the heat downwards in the direction of the hair cuticle.” Not only does this give your hair a more polished finish, but it’s also less damaging to your hair.


Set Your Style

Once you’ve finished blow drying each section, you use the cold shot button on your hair dryer to help lock in the style. Depending on your hair type and style preference, you can also give your blowout a quick mist with a texturizing spray for volumizing hold, an anti-humidity spray to combat frizz, or a shine spray for a super-glossy finish (if it’s smoothing you’re after, Josh likes the KMS MoistRepair Hydrating Oil).

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