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Lipstick on the Rim: Our Hot Hormone Doctor Is Back To Dish On Hormones, PMS, & How To Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Low With Dr. Geller


Ever wondered why you’re so moody? Dr. Geller, the hot hormone doctor, is back to explain why. Today, Dr. Geller expands on his first episode by sharing everything you need to know about hormones. He’s sharing the truth about birth control, how to keep your blood sugar levels low, and the dangers of plastic. And don’t worry, he’s sharing four insider tips to reduce BPA exposure while giving us a crash course on hormones. We discuss menopause, PMS, & why we’re so moody. 

Listen here for the full episode:

[Dr. Geller] On Hormones For Dummies

“A hormone is a chemical in our blood that sends messages to parts of our body. We all have thousands of hormones in our bodies. Women are much more in tune with hormones because of the menstrual cycle. Men don’t have those monthly clues and will present further issues, like a tumor. Men get thyroid issues and go through Man-opause – a man’s version of menopause.

[Dr. Geller] On How To Test Your Hormones

“You need to look for patterns first. I’d recommend a Gynocologist or an Endocrinologist. GPs may miss the mark.”

[Dr. Geller] On Menopause

“Doctors won’t do anything about menopause until you’ve skipped your period for a year. I always say to be proactive. My analogy is you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. You can test pre-menopausal women. You have to read Moody Bitches, and learn to embrace this natural cycle. It happens to us all.”

[Dr. Geller] On Bio-hacking

“If you take a hormone and don’t need it, your body will stop creating it. So if you’re taking something you don’t need to be taking, it isn’t the best for you. You see it with men abusing testosterone. Injecting peptides is different. Peptides are small proteins that stimulate your body to make hormones. I haven’t seen enough clinical results to support that it works fully.”

[Dr. Geller] On Hormones & Skincare

“Wrinkles are related to hormones. Estrogen and progesterone affect the elasticity in your skin, and your skin is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside. Wrinkles manifest in the form of diet, toxins, and stress. Stress affects collagen production, and stress is a huge problem. When stressed, our bodies need to divert resources, so it turns down hormones to conserve energy.”

[Dr. Geller] On Birth Control

“Oral estrogen – the pill causes blood clot risks. The pill is overused and unbelievable. It makes the Dr’s. lives easier and the patient’s life worse. Hormones interact with each other like a symphony and create this wave-like motion, and the pill makes your cycle a straight line. It can also make your thyroid levels plummet and your testosterone levels decrease, causing issues with your libido. I like IUDs much better. An IUD is a uterine device, and you can get the hormonal version or nonhormonal copper one. The copper one has been known to make period cramps worse in some women.”

[Dr. Geller] On Stress

This fight or flight system was designed for a reason, but it is triggered all the time in our society. Anxiety causes your heart to race, your cortisol levels go high, and that affects your other hormones – menstrual and thyroid. When that happens, it causes weight gain because it can’t balance your blood sugar levels. Stress won’t go away, but we need to learn to mitigate it. This pandemic can’t victimize us in another way. The body is constantly getting rid of toxins, but there is no natural way to get rid of stress. That’s why we have to be doing things like working out, meditation, and cognitive therapy.

[Dr. Geller] On Covid & Hormones

“We have seen Covid affect hormone levels. We have seen it cause Thyroiditis. Covid can also affect cells in the pancreas and cause type 2 diabetes. We have seen menstrual irregularities due to Covid.”

[Dr. Geller] On Four Steps to Reduce BPA Exposure


Water Bottles

“Make sure you’re using a glass or stainless steel water bottle. Never use plastic. You never know how long those bottles were left sitting in the sun. That’s so bad for you.”


Thermal Receipts

“Say no thank you to them. Those receipts penetrate your skin. And studies have shown that they get into the mouth because we grab them with our hands and then eat something or lick our fingers.”



“Soup cans have layers of BPA in them. Try to stay away from them.”



“Dust your homes regularly. Make sure you don’t skip the corners. Dust anywhere BPA can accumulate.” 

[Dr. Geller] On Cooking & Being Mindful of Plastic 

“You have to look at everything you use and adjust where you can. Don’t use nonstick cookware. They coat it with BPA. An iron skillet is good and a ceramic-coated saucepan. Also, make sure your cutting boards aren’t plastic, use the wood ones. Bamboo straws are great, and they are also the fastest growing plant in the world. I have bamboo toothbrushes as well. And always try to shop organic vs. locally grown. Organic is important because of the endocrine disruptors. We can’t control soil but do the best we can.”

“By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.”

[Dr. Geller] Rapid-Fire Hormone Edition

  1. Do you need to take hormones to regulate your period? No
  2. Are my sleeping patterns related to my hormones? 100%
  3. #1 product you wish everyone would throw away? Single-use anything
  4. Are hormones affecting men as much as they are women? Yes
  5. Best advice you can give to someone struggling with hormone levels? Get your emotional health together.
  6. Favorite pan to cook with? Nonstick ceramic
  7. Best advice to avoid plastic in the grocery store? Shop in the periphery of the market. It gets worse as you go in the middle.
  8. Why do my hormones make me crazy? That’s how you were designed.
  9. Favorite reusable water bottle? Hydroflask 2 Liters
  10. 10-year-old self? Stretch

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