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Beauty Guru, Cassandra Grey Reveals The Best Smoky Eye Shadow Pigment She’s Ever Seen


Ever wonder what the most magnetic beauty guru in the industry likes to do in their free time? Or what their favorite beauty products are? Maybe even what they are obsessing over at the moment… (hint: it’s a mattress). Well, us too. 

That’s why we tapped Hollywood’s ever-so-cool, skincare & makeup obsessed, Cassandra Grey for an inside look into some questions we’ve been dying to know. The founder of the luxury beauty store & website, Violet Grey does not hold back. Read on to learn more.

Q: Current book you just can’t put down?

A: The Power of the Sub-conscience Mind.  It was a book my late husband read every day and it makes me feel more connected to his energy. I even started incorporating this into my morning meditation routine.

Q: Current TV show you’re bingeing? We need new recommendations.

A: I LOVE television.  What am I not bingeing is the real question. Currently, I am watching Impeachment: American Crime Story which is riveting.  Sarah Paulson is just so good and her portrayal of Linda Tripp is absolute perfection.

Q: Current beauty products you’re loving for fall right now?

A: I’ve been putting on makeup every morning despite the fact that I’m still working from home and don’t often leave the house.  I’m obsessed with:



Q: Current beauty products you keep on your vanity for everyday use? We are dying to know.

A: I honestly don’t know how I really lived, like truly lived without the Tom Ford Rose Prick candle.  It’s so glamorous and a little dangerous, like Angelina Jolie or something.  I burn it while I do my makeup and also keep it lit all hours in my powder room.

I also rotate between the Eighth Day Skin Regenerative Serum (we sell this exclusively and it recently sold out and is now back on the site!) and Bader for my miracle youth serums. I can’t live without either of those.

Q: Current obsession? Don’t hold back.

A: My mattress. I realized that I care more about my mattress than my car.  I invested in a Hastens years ago and I stand by that it is the best investment I ever made and I’ve done very well with art and furniture.  It’s the ultimate beauty product and it lasts a lifetime.  I mean I love my bed, point blank.

Q: Last text you sent someone? Be honest.

A: Have gun, will travel.

Q: Last thing you googled? We’re curious.

A: Molly Sims podcast

Q: Last thing she ate?

A: Greek salad every day, all day.



Cassandra Grey is founder of the luxury beauty store & website, Violet Grey. She is Hollywood’s guru for all things skincare, makeup + more. Grey has built her beauty company by only showcasing the best of the best that the beauty industry has to offer. She does the research for you the Violet Grey Committee and together they vet hundreds of products a year and determine what has earned the Violet Code seal of approval, and thus, a place on the Violet Grey shelves.

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