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The Last 30 Minutes of My Day: Fashion Designer, Author, and Businesswoman Nicky Hilton

By Hilary Sheinbaum

After Nicky Hilton takes a hot bath and uses her favorite body scrub (it’s OSEA Salts of the Earth Body Scrub, FYI), she proceeds to the rest of her nighttime routine, which includes taking off her makeup and putting on a few special accessories before falling asleep. The multi-talented mom of two and designer of the newest collection Nicky Hilton x French Sole Fall/Winter 2021, walks us through the last 30 minutes of her day.


Photo Credit: Camraface / Early Morning Riot

9:30 PM  

I floss, sometimes twice a day, with Oral-B Glide. I find it relaxing and gratifying. I brush my teeth and then I start the skincare routine. 

I take my makeup off with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes and then wash my face with the Macrene Actives High Performance Cleanser, which is really good at getting any extra makeup off. It’s milky and very hydrating. Then, I like to use the Tracie Martyn Absolute Purity Toner. Next, the U BEAUTY Resurfacing Compound. It’s meant to tighten and brighten and will get rid of any spots. I love that one. And then after that, I will follow that with the U BEAUTY Super Smart Hydrator. You can use it day or night, but I love it during night time. You wake up, and your face is so plump and hydrated. And then last, I’ll do Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream. I put any left over on my smile lines.


9:40 PM

About two days a week, I’ll sleep in a mask. I love the OLAPLEX Mask for hair. Tracy Cunningham gave it to me, and I remember she said, “The longer you have it in, the better. Sleep in it, if you want.” It really makes a difference. After I use it, my colorists will say to me, “Your hair feels so much better.”

Another mask I’ve been alternating with is the Osea White Algae Mask which is a brightening mask. Barbara Sturm also has a good mask I sleep in sometimes.

Next, I’ll put on a robe. I sleep in a robe every night. I don’t wear pajamas. And, I sleep in socks every night, which a lot of people find strange but I cannot sleep about them. I love those fuzzy Kashwere socks — nothing fancy.  


9:50 PM

I put my phone on airplane mode because I like to disconnect. This is something new I’ve been doing, and I feel like I sleep better. 

When I get into bed, I like to watch a little news. I oddly love The Weather Channel. My friends call me “the weather woman.” My husband and I aren’t huge T.V. people, but occasionally we’ll find a series we love. The last one we watched together was Mare of Easttown. So, it’s a combination of the weather, and just chatting about our day and the kids, and what we have planted for tomorrow. 

I recently discovered R3set. They’re these all-natural sleep supplements. They have chamomile vitamin D, ashwagandha. They’re these little gel caps that taste like chamomile tea, so if I need a little assistance [sleeping], I will take one of those. There are no side effects or feeling groggy in the morning. 


10 PM

I love sleeping with a Mindfold eye mask every night. It has this cushioning on. It doesn’t look like it would be comfortable, but it is. No light comes through. I think I just love the pressure of something on my eyes. 



Nicky Hilton is an American business woman and fashion designer. She penned her first book 365 Style which is a go-to fashion guide full of fashion tips and tricks acquired during her many years in the fashion industry. As a designer Nicky has released her own handbag, apparel and jewelry collections. Most recently she launched a footwear collection in collaboration with French Sole.

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