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10 Unexpected Wellness Products That Will Save You This Summer

By Hilary Sheinbaum

The word ‘summer’ can evoke happy thoughts of beaches, sunscreen, pools, boats on a lake, and/or sipping your favorite iced beverage in warm weather. (Ahem — We’ll take all of the above, please.) 

Regardless of how you choose to relax, all of these notions have one thing in common: they represent the idea of taking a much-needed break. After all, the summer season is typically far more laid back than fall, winter, or spring (or so we hope)!

Although the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day signal that it’s time to unwind, that doesn’t mean losing sight of your wellness goals, especially when you’ve worked so hard to keep them. The bottom line?

You can still eat a healthy diet, be fit, and feel great physically and mentally during a less-rigid season.

Whether you’re traveling, hiking mountains, venturing to a body of water, or simply tanning in the backyard between Zoom calls (*raises hand*), there are products that can help. Whatever your summer looks like, here are 10 wellness must-haves that will surely come in handy.


For Snacking: LivBar

Beach snacks often consist of chips, dips and other options that are not-so-great for you. Instead of noshing on junk food (or having to lug ice and a cooler to maintain fresh fruit and veggies), pack a LivBar for a midday nibble…they don’t melt!

To boot, the USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, corn-free bars come in delicious flavors like blueberry vanilla kale and raspberry kale maca. 


For Chilling Out: Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

These aren’t kids’ gummies, that’s for sure. These small-batch Lord Jones Hemp-Derived CBD Gumdrops promote a calm sense of well-being. Chew on a strawberry and lemon flavored gumdrop, or pop it into an effervescent beverage for a flavorful, calming sip. 


For Sun After Care: Hello Sunshine After The Sun Bar

Sometimes after applying sunscreen, guzzling water, and using body lotion religiously, skin can still feel dry. For those days, Beekman 1802 Hello Sunshine After The Sun Bar offers post-rejuvenation and hydration. It’s made of clay, aloe and goat milk to moisturize skin while preventing peeling and dryness. Oh — and it has a lovely lavender scent to boost a feeling of relaxation. 


For A Quick Dip: Minnidip Pool

If your humble abode doesn’t have a pool — or even if it does — the Minnidip Freshly Minted Luxe Inflatable Pool is perfect for a quick cool down. At 5.5 feet wide, it can seat more than one person within its 21 inch tall scallop tufts. It has a cabana pattern on the bottom (which is great for IG pics), but the real win from this fun accessory is the ability to splash water on your skin (or emerge yourself) when you’re laying out and feeling overheated. 


For Bare Legs: Laser Hair Removal

Ideally, you’ll want to get your laser hair removal appointments before summer (i.e. winter), but fret not if you have a vacation coming up and simply don’t want to pack a razor or shaving cream (or waste precious time in the shower when you could be hairless by a pool… amiright?).

An NDYAG wavelength laser is great for people who tend to tan, says Christian Karavloas, the founder of Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal Spa in New York City. “We suggest that they use sunscreen and wait 2 weeks after tanning to get lasered,” he says. In hair removal math, that means: avoid the sun, get lasered, go on with your hairless self! 


For Outdoor Commuting: BLUEJAY BIKES

In 2020, everyone had their fair share of indoor exercising (and needless to say, cycling). Now that the weather is prime for outdoor pedaling, BLUEJAY BIKES will get you from Point A to Point B looking cute. Feeling fatigued? No worries. Take a break from peddling. This Class 1 e-bike can last for 75 miles in between charging.


For a Fresh Face: Geneo 3-in-1 Facial

Between sweat, UV rays, and overall dehydration, keeping skin looking and feeling its best — and healthy — is of the utmost importance during hot, humid and sunny days. Geneo Hydrate Facial moisturizes and replenishes dry, dehydrated skin.

Using blue spirulina, niacinamide, lactobionic acid and hyaluronic acid also improves skin’s moisture retention abilities for a glowing appearance — instantly!


For Clean Hydration: Berkey Filters

We hear the same advice over and over throughout summer: “Drink Water.” But, is your H2O clean? The Travel Berkey Water Filter is a compact filtering system that can filter up to 20 bottles of water an hour (and remove 100% of pathogens with Black Berkey filters). Bonus: it’s small enough to fit on a countertop!


For Gut Health: GT’s Kombucha

Knowing how important gut health is, incorporating prebiotics and probiotics into a balanced diet is ideal. For the latter, GT’s Synergy Kombucha Gingerade provides billions of probiotic organisms in a sweet drink. Made with black tea, green tea, kiwi and fresh pressed ginger juice, this beverage will keep you caffeinated, healthy and add a refreshing kick during a hot summer day.


For Keeping Clean: OLIKA Hand Sanitizer 

The days of sanitizing groceries may be behind us, but sanitizing hands is still very much in fashion. To avoid getting sick, picking up germs, or if you’re looking to simply cleanse hands between washes: OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanatizer Clip Ons provide 300+ mists in a variety of yummy-smelling fragrances (like Orange Blossom, Lavender and Mint Citrus, to name a few). Clip these onto your keychain for easy access anywhere, anytime. 

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