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The First 30 Minutes of My Day: Marianna Hewitt


Not only is Marianna Hewitt a leading voice in the social media realm, but she is also a huge beauty fanatic. A lover of all things makeup and skincare, she co-founded the cult-favorite skincare line, Summer Fridays that continuously becomes a best seller for Sephora. We asked this beauty babe how she spends her morning and realized how a little meditation session and some self-reflection can help to get the day started on the right foot.


7:30 AM

I like to wake up naturally without an alarm, so I usually wake up between 7-7:30 am and I track my sleep with an Oura ring. I aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, so the first thing I do is check the app to see how much sleep I got. Then I get out of bed and immediately and make it so I don’t get too cozy and want to lay back in bed.

7:35 AM

Drink a glass of water and take my morning supplements which are the Ritual Multivitamins & Arrae Calm. I never drink enough water, and I’m always trying to sneak in more where I can, so starting with a glass when I first wake up helps so much before I start my day.

7:45 AM

I meditate in the morning, this helps to give me a slow start to my day before I jump into emails, work and the busyness of the day. The days I don’t get around to doing it – I feel so rushed!

After I meditate, I make a cup of coffee (Nespresso pod + cinnamon + monk fruit) then I sit down and drink my cup of coffee and write one page in my journal. I have a prompt I give myself each day and then I write things I am grateful for. Starting my day with gratitude really shifts my mindset. For example, let’s say I have a very busy day ahead– I will write to myself that “I am grateful for all the opportunities brought my way”. Instead of stressing about all that I have to do — I remind myself to be thankful that I get to do these things.

8:00 AM

I do my whole morning beauty routine. This includes my skincare line Summer Fridays — starting with our Super Amino Gel Cleanser, then CC Me Serum which is amazing for hyperpigmentation and dark spots. This is followed by our Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream Moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid and glycerin which makes it so moisturizing on the skin. It’s the perfect base before applying a little bit of makeup.

The last thing I’ll do is a quick makeup look just enough to look ok on zoom!


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