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Scarlett’s Fairy Wonderland 6th Birthday Party

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By Molly Sims

My baby girl turned SIX! Can you believe it? I’m still having a hard time accepting it, but I’ve learned by now that’s just a part of motherhood that never gets easier. When planning her party, I knew it needed to be special. Last year her birthday fell right at the start of quarantine, and I know how much my Scar’s birthday means to her, so this year we wanted to go all out while incorporating the necessary Covid precautions (at the end of the article I shared some Covid safety tips we used).

With the help of the talented Stefanie Cove, owner of Stefanie Cove and Company, the house transformed into an actual Fairy Wonderland. Using the best vendors and resources, Stefanie always makes our party dreams come true. I do have to mention that Scarlett was VERY involved in the creative process. My sweet little Scar was very specific. From the colors to the activities and of course, to the food, my girl knew what she wanted.

We all know how much Scar loves her blue hair, so we had to incorporate a hair braiding station to make her birthday dreams come true and @tangledbraidbar did just that! I’m writing this a week later and she still won’t take her hair out. Scarlett was very involved with her hair process. She knew what length, design, and clips she wanted. It was adorable…and Grey of course had to get in on the fun.

We all know I love a good balloon moment. It adds to the party and creates a fun and chic atmosphere. Balloon Celebrations really took our wonderland concept and brought it to life. Scarlett kept tracing her name. She was obsessed! Can we blame her?

Fairy Camp Los Angeles really brought the magic to the party through arts and crafts and the cutest scavenger hunt. Their goal is to celebrate the wonder, imagination, and joy of childhood in a safe, loving, and respectful environment…and they did exactly that.

The adorable fairy cake was made by Top Tier Treats. It was so yummy and even had fairy dust in the center. Scarlett was adamant about having a glitter explosion cake! The cotton candy was from Bon Puf, and it was the perfect delicious treat. We love Bon Puf because they use naturally flavored (and colored) organic cane sugars. The cake and cotton candy were definitely a big hit!

Covid safety tips we used:

  1. Have the party outside. This allows for easy social distancing and fresh air.
  2. Separate birthday candles. Give the birthday boy or girl a separate cake/cupcake with a candle for them to blow out.
  3. Mask up. This one we know by now, but make sure all your guests know. You could even make cute custom birthday masks.
  4. Have hand sanitizer available. We kept it stationed throughout the party making it easily accessible.
  5. Keep it small. This seems obvious, but we tried to keep it small to limit exposure.

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