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6 Unexpected Makeup Trends That Will Be Huge for Winter

By Melissa Epifano

When winter hits, the makeup looks appear as if on cue.  Infinite sparkles, supersaturated smoky eyes, and every shade of red lipstick all stop by. These looks are classics and don’t get us wrong, they’re perfect for everything from a Zoom meeting to a last-minute grocery run— but at times they can feel a little stale. There’s no doubt that it’s been difficult to come up with fresh ideas when it comes to switching up your makeup this year.

So if you’d like to put your gray smoky eye on hold this season, don’t fret, there are a long list of ways you can hit refresh on your seasonal go-to’s, whether that’s amping up your eyeliner, adding major saturation, focusing on your glow, or finding a new lip color.

Below, explore some of the chicest looks we found to try out this winter—ones that are a bit different from the usual. 


1. Opt for Fresh and Dewy

Forget summer skin being reserved for, well, summer. That glowy complexion that’s well known in warmer months is equally as achievable during colder seasons. Take a note from Cheyenne Maya Carty whose flawless skin and perfectly groomed brows make for a stunning wintertime finish.

Get the look:

2. Dabble in Red

And not just on your lips. Testing the waters with red eyeshadow may sound daring, but the payoff is so worth it as proven by makeup artist Jessica. It’s warm and flashy, but a surprisingly suitable color for any occasion—even post those holiday parties.

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3. Bolden Up Your Cat Eye

There’s a flick and then there’s a full-blown winged liner. Sophie Floyd has crafted the perfect edgy look that plays on a classic and makes it so much more fun. Take your everyday cat-eye and pile on the ink for a simple change that makes a lovely impact. Not to mention—  there’s much more room for mistakes when you have to wings this thick.

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4. Glitter It Out

If you’re a smoky eye enthusiast, no need to stress. Sometimes a dusting of glitter is all that’s needed to revive your look. This gorgeous version a la makeup artist Katy Jane is proof that there’s nothing that extra sparkles can’t do. Whether it’s silver such as this one or a bold blue color, take that finish from matte to glitter.

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5. Go With Green

While this color occasionally makes an appearance on nails, it deserves some love on your visage, too. Camila Coelho shows how you can perfectly pull it off with a slick swipe across your lids for a splash of unique color.

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6. Embrace Those Neutrals

During a season where bold colors are everything, don’t feel like you have to adorn your eyes in sparkles and all that pizzazz. Neutrals, like this gorgeous rosy lip on Natalie Lim Suarez, also deserve a spot in your winter lineup. It’s simple but looks ultra-sophisticated, and it’s easy to pull together in a matter of minutes.

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