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Beauty Scoop: Hall Of Fame


With millions of beauty products out on the market, it makes weeding out the good from the bad insanely difficult and quite frankly, a long thorough process.  The constant questioning of which products are worth the cost and which products aren’t worth the hype. Good news: Molly simplified the process for you. Being an avid beauty lover and obsessed with knowing the hottest products there is to have in beauty, Molly compiled a list of her Hall of Fame products of 2020. The best of the best in skincare and makeup that Molly uses herself and can’t stop recommending to her friends.

Hall of Fame: Skincare

If there is one thing that Molly never cheaps out on – it’s skincare. She is always looking for that one product that delivers her that youthful and most sought-after glow. Because the secret to good skin is an effective skincare routine with products that never fall short. The following are her hero products that she swears by.


Hall of Fame: Makeup

Once you have that skincare routine on lock, you must follow it up with the best makeup on the market that enhances your beautiful features. Molly believes there is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence and makeup is her go-to for just that. Below are her favorite products that she continuously keeps in her makeup bag.

Hair: Hall of Fame

Fake that professional blow-out every time with the tools that Molly uses religiously. And once that is complete, apply on that perfect bit of oil to take your hair to the next level. Because as Molly would say, “When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good you look good.”

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