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Beauty Scoop 10.8

By Molly Sims

Every week I share what’s in my beauty arsenal. From the new to the old, to the products I just can’t live without. I do the research for you. xx


ILLIA LIQUID POWDER CHROMATIC EYE TINT – I didn’t think it was possible to be more obsessed with ILIA, but I was wrong. There NEW Chromatic Eye Tints are insanely good and pigmented. They come in all types of beautiful and unique colors. It’s super easy to use, weightless and great on the go. Basically like lip gloss for your eyes but it’s not sticky and dries like a powder. Use it the inner corners of your eyes to add a classy eye-catching shimmer to your day.


SUMMER FRIDAYS LIP BUTTER BALM – This lip balm is EVERYTHING. Let’s start with the vanilla scent…it smells like fresh baked cookies in a bottle. Smooth like butter, it’s vegan, paraben-free, and all-natural ingredient goodness. I love it because it’s long-lasting, looks glossy, and very hydrating. Use it, 24/7 if you need a bit of lip therapy.


SARAH CHAPMAN SKINESIS OVERNIGHT FACIAL – Looking for an overnight skin transformation? This overnight mask is the fairy godmother of overnight facial serums. It helps tighten, brighten, and seal your pores shut! Can you say Bippity, Boppity, BOOM? Okay, I’m getting a bit carried away. What makes this product different from most overnight masks is its high-performance vitamins that not only aid in tightening skin and wrinkles but also reduces inflammation. Use 1-2 pumps at night and really massage into the skin for best results. Be careful to use with care and not get too close to your eyes.


ZITSTICKA HYPERFADE – These little guys help you heal the dark spots left behind after your zit is gone. Each dot is lined with 24 micro darts that melts into your pores after a 2-hour application. Infused with some of the top ingredients such as Vitamin C (brightening), Hyaluronic Acid (hydration), Arbutin (fades dark spots) & Niacinamide (relieves redness). Usually, acne scars take months to heal but these hyperfades show results in under two weeks. To use pop a few of these on your dark spots in the morning while you get ready or before bed and you’ll notice a major difference.


ORBIE GOLD LUST COLLECTION – This is a great package deal for the holidays especially since we tend to style our hair more around this time for family celebrations. This Gold Lust Collection includes: Repair & Restore Shampoo: with ingredients that help balance oils of the scalp and bond split hair follicles. Repair & Restore Conditioner: that is hydrating, makes your hair smooth & soft. And Nourishing Hair Oil: This hair oil has a mixture of 17 different oils to nourish and protect hair from heat damage. It all works together perfectly and is a really great price! 



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