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The 5 Trends You’ll Need On Your Radar This Fall

By Annie McCreery

There’s nothing I love more than revamping my wardrobe at the start of a new season. Of course, I cherish my beloved basics I keep in my closet year after year – but, I always look forward to experimenting with the season’s newest trends.

I scoured this Fall’s popular looks to find the most stand-out of the autumn season. The sweater set? A modern twist on the classic chunky sweater that preserves every ounce of comfort. A smooth olive accessory? A rich bold accent capable of elevating any basic look. This Fall’s trends have inspired me to break my sartorial routine this coming season. I’ve pulled the five hottest trends as well as buying options to help you incorporate them into your own closet.


Sweater Set

Sweater sets are seriously trending this Fall. These simple sets embody a modern twist on the classic, chunky sweater while preserving the comfort of this tried and true staple.



A Croc Detail

Croc has always intrigued me. I love how the unique texture can elevate the simplest outfit. Pair these croc accessories with a nude, monochromatic outfit for a retro vibe that’s perfect for any occasion.


Everything Olive

When I saw the color olive, I immediately fell in love. Olive incorporates Fall’s rich, seasonal hues in a bold, yet unoffensive color that pairs well with practically any outfit. Whether as a jacket, bag or shoe, an olive accent adds an elegant, refined pop of color.


Loose-fitted Blazer

I’m all for a loose-fitted blazer. While a classic blazer can feel stiff and formal, a loose fit creates a relaxed, chic vibe. I would pair these blazers with a simple white tee and jeans during the day; moving into the evening, I’d swap these out for a belt and a small heel for an unpretentious evening look.


Shearling Jacket

During the colder seasons, shearling jackets are my go-to. As the weather worsens, it gets hard to stay warm without sacrificing style. While I love a puffer or an overcoat, I can always rely on a fuzzy shearling to protect me from the elements, while actually complimenting my outfit.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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