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Just Found The Coolest Puff Sleeves and Chunky Boots For Autumn


Heading into the fall season, you need two staples in your closet: a few puff sleeve moments and a killer boot to match (or two). If you haven’t seen it by now, mixing elements of feminine and edginess is the chicest way to elevate your outfit and instantly make a statement. I mean, who doesn’t love an outfit that not only feels polished but oh so effortlessly cool.

This dynamic duo is a seamless look paired with a flattering pair of skinny jeans (or even a semi-wide ankle-cut jean). The perfect go-to look for a dinner date at home or safely outdoors. To really make the outfit bold, throw on a sleek patent-leather skirt with your favorite worn-in leather jacket. You know that one trusty leather jacket that, without fail, is the first thing you reach for in your closet.? Yeah, that one will do the trick. Throw on a chunky chain necklace and a red lip to top it off. But above all, don’t forget that cheeky wink in the mirror before heading out.

For the chunky boot, we say be daring. It’s the type of boot that is claimed: one of the best fashion investments you will ever make. Why? Because they literally go with everything. They also have the ability to amp up your cool level just by wearing them. Pair a chunky boot with a puff sleeve dress for a juxtaposed look or let them take the spotlight with a pair of denim, a plain white tee, and an oversized blazer. You can really never go wrong with these.

Puff Sleeves To Splurge On Right Now

“My closet is full of beautiful puff sleeve moments. This is a trend that’s here to stay.” – Molly


The Chunky Boot You Need In Your Closet

“I wore these 20 years ago when I was in London and I am still wearing them now.”- Molly on Dr. Martens

“These bring chunky to a whole other level. Great with skinny jeans, midi skirts and slip dresses with sweaters.” – Molly on Jeffery Campbells


photo courtesy of @rebeccalaurey

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