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How To: Homeschooling

It’s been tough, to say the least. For all you mommas out there, I wanted to give some insightful tips & great educational programs to make your transition into a homeschool momma as easy as possible. I’ve enlisted in the help from educational consultant and expert Jamie Bakal. Jamie is a mom of two young girls here in Los Angeles and is going through her own journey with this new and hopefully temporary, “normal.”

Below are so some online options that ranges from your child watching a Broadway musical to an amazing online class option that allows interaction with a teacher.  Jamie will be consistently posting new information on her Instagram @JamieBakalConsulting.

  • is a great site for teaching kids computer science at home. 

  • is a great online resource for K-12 classes (they create zoom classrooms so all of the kids can interact with the teachers).  In addition to classes that cover core curriculum (reading, writing, math, etc.), they offer a variety of science, social studies, art, music, and P.E. classes.  My girls are signed up for classes like Solving a Rubik’s Cube, Creating a Digital Escape Room: adding and subtracting fractions, Character Creation, Calligraphy and Self Discovery Art Journaling.

  • BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. site for self-guided academic lessons.  

  • Create a scavenger hunt outside for your kids.  This has the benefits of your children being outside, getting exercise and fresh air, while getting to use their brain.

  • Cook/bake with your kids.  Great family friendly recipes on Weelicious. Or better yet, have them take an online kids’ cooking class on Raddish Kids.

  • Were you supposed to spend spring break at Disneyland or Disney World?  No worries…now you can experience the rides virtually on this YouTube channel.

  • The California Science Center has created “Stuck at Home Science.”  Every weekday at 10am, they post a new activity for kids to enjoy. 

  • Time Magazine is providing a free digital library for Time for Kids.

  • Common Sense Media has always been an amazing resource for age appropriate content. But now more than ever, I am using them for things well beyond movie, tv, and apps. They’re a great resource for kid appropriate podcasts and audiobooks.  They also are dedicated to supporting educators and family in this time of great uncertainty. 




But Why:  A Podcast for Curious Kids

Brains On


What If World

The Past & The Curious

Smash, Boom, Best

For Teens:

This American Life

Welcome to Night Vale

Stuff You Should Know

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What are some of your favorite tips for keeping your kiddos scheduled and scholastically challenged? Let me know below!



Blog Photos: @JamieBakalConsulting

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