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Stay In, Work Out

Stay In, Work Out— the new mantra that I am spreading around to all my fellow quarantine women. We all know momma loves a good workout, however I wanted to create a workout series that was fun & creative to do using accessible household items. Let’s just say luggage & dish towels will be making an appearance in these work outs 😉 Come on babe, let’s have some fun with it!

Click on th videos below to follow along. Below I have also written out the steps for you.


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What you will need for Workout 1 (pink outfit):

  • 1 Empty Suitcase

  • 1 Dish Towel

  • House Pet (in this case, I used Ruby haha)

  • 2 Semi-heavy Cans (can be paint cans, frosting cans, etc)

  • Workout Mat

  • Small Child

Workout 1 Breakdown:

1. Weighted squats (with a 30lb dog, weight or child) – 15 reps⁣
2. Back pull (with a suitcase or 15lbs) – 10 reps each arm⁣
3. Reverse lunch (with a glider or towel) – 10 reps each leg⁣
4. Outside bicep curls (with 15lb, cake mix or canned items) – 10 reps⁣
5. Tricep full extension kick backs (with 15lb, cake mix or canned items) – 10 reps⁣
6. Weighted lateral hold (with 15lb, cake mix or canned items) – 30 seconds ⁣
7. High plank to alternating single leg – 10 reps each leg⁣
8. High plank with weight (or a child) – 30 seconds ⁣
9. Relax &
dance it out⁣

Repeat this circuit 3x ⁣

What you will need for Workout 2 (blue outfit):

  • Two Small Dish Towels

  • A Soccer Ball

  • 2 Bottles Of Your Choice (I chose rose)

  • 1-2 Canned Food Items

  • 1 Laundry Detergent (about 6 lbs)

  • 1 Carry-On Luggage

  • Small Child

Workout 2 Breakdown:

1. Rosé circles (25 forward & 25 back) + lateral bicep curl- 25 reps⠀
2. Luggage pushups -15 reps⠀
3. Laundry detergent (or 6lb weight) squats – 15 reps⠀
4. Slider plank jack with dish towel- 30 seconds ⠀
5. Soccer ball sit up- 15 reps⠀
6. Batman squats (or 30 lbs) + 30 lb weight hold and dance⠀
7. All 4s leg lift with a 5lb weight or canned food – 25 reps per leg ⠀
8. Laundry detergent tricep curls 15 reps⠀
9. Jumping jacks with a dog or 30lbs ⠀
10. Luggage tricep dips – 25 reps ⠀

Repeat this 3 times! 

Any other creative ideas you have for me to incorporate in my workout series? Let me know below. x


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