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How To Set Yourself Up In Nutrition + My Meal Plan

I recently started to work with a new nutritionist … his name is Erik Young and you guys… he’s phenomenal! I’m not going to name names but he’s been working with some celebrities who are looking INCREDIBLE lately! I did a little phone call with him the other day to give you guys some tips on how to set yourself up for success this year and we’re going to share his plan for what I should eat in a typical day.

5 tips to set yourself up for success:

1. Stick to whole foods instead of processed foods. You get much more food (volume) and less calories with whole foods.

2. Plan your day ahead of time so you don’t eat out as frequently. Bringing easy accessible snacks are ideal. Beef Jerky, nuts, protein bars, and fruit.

3. Light beers really aren’t 4 grams of carbs if the nutrition label shows 100 calories. Plan on 20-25 grams of carbs.

4. Sugar isn’t the enemy, eating more food than what your body is used to is the real enemy. Don’t just cut out sugar. Just limit to one serving. If you can’t just do 1 serving then don’t eat


5. Set yourself up for success; Don’t do crazy restrictive fads diet that you can’t continue long term. What good is losing and gaining

Below is my meal plan. Hover over the image & save! Use this as a guide for your next grocery shopping trip 😉 We are all in this together ladies, let’s do this!

Meal Plan Final.jpg

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I would love to have Erik on the channel sometime in the near future. So if you guys have any questions for him, please drop them below and we’ll have him on!



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