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7 Ways to Reboot Your Metabolism

7 Ways to reboot your metabolism

As a momma of three, I am always looking for ways to boost my metabolism and stay fit. I seek advice through well educated women about this and today, I happen to have a dear friend and educator to share her ways of how she reboots her own metabolism. Lauren Roxburgh is truly an expert on the mind and body connection so you may need to take notes on this one. You guys are going to love her if you don’t already!

All of us feel the need to reset and reboot at times, whether it’s after a vacation, a particularly busy or stressful time in life or maybe after the holidays. And while it is normal and happens to everyone, it’s important to try and approach this feeling or need to reset in a healthy and positive way. Sometimes after too many glasses of wine or holiday treats, we can get down on ourselves or beat ourselves up. But, I’ve found that being kind to yourself and moving forward with positivity is the best and most impactful way to start fresh.

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There’s no reason to punish yourself or feel down when you’ve strayed from your normal healthy routine. But I know how uncomfortable it can feel when you’re in this place and just want to feel good, clear, and have the energy you need to go about your day and be present with your loved ones. If you’re feeling sluggish, one of the best things you can focus on is finding simple things to incorporate into your routine that can help boost your metabolism and help you feel your best.

Keep reading below for seven of my favorite metabolism-boosting practices.

Drink Warm Lemon Water

Drinking warm lemon water upon waking (yes, before coffee!) is an amazing way to start your day. First, drinking warm water on an empty stomach is hydrating and the lemon will help jump start your digestion. Hydrating first thing in the morning is so important since we get dehydrated overnight, and the water also helps kick your digestive system into gear. Lemon is an amazing source of antioxidants and vitamin C, which is great for your skin and your entire body.

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is an ancient practice that has recently become more popular. It’s a go-to tool in my wellness practice since it is helpful for detox, lymphatic health (which is so important for detoxification) and also improving your skin’s texture. I love using a dry brush before I shower, but it’s even better to use before you sweat (like before a rolling and rebounding workout or sauna session).

When you dry brush before you sweat, you’re really help improve the detoxification process since you’re opening up your pores before you sweat. This means your body can eliminate even more toxins than if you’d skipped the dry brush and had a layer of dead skin/blocked pores.

Foam Roll and Rebound

Foam Rolling and Rebounding is my personal go-to workout for jump starting your metabolism and I know you’ll love it too. It’s simple, effective and feels great. Most people see foam rolling as a workoutrecovery tool (which it can definitely be helpful for that!) but I believe that you can use it for much more than massaging sore muscles. First, foam rolling is amazing at helping improve your fascia, reduce cellulite, and help with circulation. It also boosts your body’s natural detoxification process since it helps with lymphatic drainage. And, using a foam roller is a wonderful way to self-massage your body, work out the kinks, and even warm up your body for a workout. (Yes, that means using it before your workout, not after!). Foam rolling before you exercise is a great way to prepare the muscles and joints for movement. It’s also great to boost your lymphatic system and circulation before you exercise, since you’ll get more amazing detox benefits from your sweat session.

If you want to learn more about foam rolling and rebounding, you can join the waitlist now for my signature 10-Week Taller Slimmer Younger challenge, which begins on January 20, 2020. It’s the perfect way to learn the foundations of body alignment, how to reconnect to your body, reduce pain and reveal a taller, slimmer, younger you. You’ll also learn how to use the foam roller and rebounding synergistically for best results.

Sleep Deep

You’ve probably heard time and time again how important sleep is for your health. But it’s also very important for maintaining a healthy metabolism. No matter how much you exercise, try to detox or do cleanses, they won’t help if you’re not sleeping. Take some time to inventory how much you’re really sleeping and how well. Are you getting at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Do you feel rested when you wake up? If not, consider making some changes to your night-time routine. Some gamechangers include shutting off electronics like the TV or scrolling on your phone several hours before bed, taking a bath, journaling, meditating, or foam rolling. Another helpful tip is incorporating a magnesium supplement like Natural Calm before bed. So many people are deficient in magnesium and it can be really helpful for feeling relaxed and sleeping deeper.

Eat Fiber

Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Fiber is so important for maintaining healthy digestion and blood sugar balance. Plus, incorporating more fiber helps you feel full and satisfied. It’s best to get your fiber from plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, beans, and whole grains like oats. Try to incorporate foods with fiber into every meal you eat. If you’re having trouble getting your fiber in, you can try a fiber supplement like natural acacia fiber or Psyllium husk. Both can be added to smoothies and you won’t even notice them. Be sure to drink plenty of water as you up your fiber intake to make sure you’re digestive system stays running smoothly.

Intermittent Fast

Lots of people are talking about intermittent fasting these days, and it’s a tool that can help you reset and reboot your metabolism. Especially if you’ve been eating late dinners, or snacking and drinking late at night at parties, this can be helpful to try to reset. And you don’t have to follow any crazy fasting times or regulations, it can actually be a pretty simple practice. The first thing to try to do is finish dinner by 6pm. Once you finish dinner, try not to snack or drink anything other than herbal tea or water. Ideally you go to bed early, and then you don’t eat again until at least 6am or later. This gives your body a solid 12 hours to reset, reboot, and heal. It also gives your digestive system a much-needed break which lets the other healing functions of your body take center stage. Keep in mind, if you have any health conditions, hormone imbalance or blood sugar issues, you may not be able to tolerate intermittent fasting. Before you try it, always talk to a doctor or nutritionist first.


Daily affirmations are a great way to help elevate your emotional state and find balance in a vibrant, happy body. Placing your attention and awareness on these elevated emotions helps us experience more of this energy in our lives. Focusing on the positive (and avoiding negative self talk like I mentioned earlier) is the key to feeling balanced and vibrant.

Try reciting this affirmation to yourself daily:

“I effortlessly and gracefully live in the body of my dreams.”

Our bodies ‘hear’ the words we’re saying, the thoughts we have and what we are feeling and our lives reflect it. As you focus on resetting your body, take the time each day to also reset your mental state and your energy. Our thoughts, emotions, actions and choices become our personal reality.

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I couldn’t agree more with these. I have been applying these to my own life and it’s making such a difference. I want to appreciate my body and keep it healthy at the same time. Comment below other ways that work for your metabolism!



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